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Links for recommended products to help support healthy metabolism.

Ona’s Plant Based Hormone Support ; Luna Oil 5, Luna Pro 5 cream, Lunestriol – estriol cream, Lunestra-d – estradiol cream, Luna Madre’ – pregnenalone cream use coupon code BALANCE

Premier Research Labs nutraceuticals; register for your free account in order to purchase – Digest, Betaine HCL (not the HCL activator) and Castor oil and Castor flannels. Coupon code 25%_4G7W57_UL

Microbiome Labs; register for your free account in order to purchase. Receive automatic 15% off every order when you register under my account- Zenbome Cope, Gut Restoration Kit (ideally 3 months supply)

Monolaurin products; Use HEALTHYGUTGIRL for a discount

LifeBlud; TUDCA use KITTY10 for a discount

Casgara Sagrada; SKINLOVE discount

Microbiome Labs Biome FX kit test. You can contact me for an online interpretation.

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