Kitty Martone

Health Educator, Author, Podcast Host

Kitty Martone

Health Educator, Practitioner, Chef

This is My Story

Like so many, I was born too soon and suffered with ear, nose and throat issues my whole life, I had spinal meningitis and pneumonia all before the age of 1 month. So I began my life of hospital visits, antibiotics, infections, poor grades, behavioral disorders and the inability to gain weight. My family considered me a professional patient. Then the fun really began when I hit puberty. Totally erratic periods, pms and birth control pills which began my adult life of migraines, candida, debilitating cramps and fatigue, miscarriages and infertility.

One day I came down with the most horrific flu like symptoms, coupled with totally stiff neck and back, we could barely get me to the ER because of the pain from simple bumps and turns of the car. I went through lots of testing multiple times, with multiple docs only to be told that I was having severe migraines and they are hereditary. So I just accepted the idea that this was my life thanks to my genes.

I would get this ‘migraine’ 4 to 6 times a year and it would debilitate me for up to 12 days. Every time I would get this, it felt like it took a piece of me away. The pain, the vomiting, the fevers, the delirium, the confusion and the drugs. I had to take whatever I could to simply get some rest. Anything I could get my hands on. When I started to feel the tingle in my back that told me it was on it’s way, I would immediately get drunk.

Then I would take whatever was in my medicine cabinet, and there was plenty, courtesy of all the ‘specialists’ that labeled me a ‘migraine’ sufferer. Vicodin, Imitrex, Oxycodon, Oxycotin, Percaset, Ibupropen, Valium, Xanax. I even tried Opium once because I was so desperate and a friend read it was great for pain. Nothing worked, it just made me a zombie. I knew that if something didn’t change this ‘migraine’ would kill me, or I would accidentally kill myself. But it went on since I was 19 and sometimes I still have a minor run in with it 26 years later.

The difference now is, thanks to alternative medicine, my Husband, Chiropractor Charles Martone and my persistence in searching for answers. I discovered that this “migraine” is actually not a migraine, it’s a virus, much like the herpes virus. It exacerbates on my meninges in my body and this causes meningitis and/or encephalitis. The meninges inflame to protect the spine and brain which is why the pain is so great.

When I learned how to correct digestion, alkalize my body and stay in alignment and active, I avoid it. How did I learn to do all of that stuff?? I’m my own guinea pig. And now I’m here to share it all with you. Because no matter what you suffer from, it all begins with a healthy gut and a good attitude.

I was blessed to work closely with my mentors, Dr. Charlie, Dr. Robert Marshall and Donna Gates. Their input plus my journey created a flourishing practice of private clients and my favorite thing to do, teaching rooms full of people all the precious knowledge I have gathered along the way.

All of this has prompted me to create the 6 year old popular podcast “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know”, write 2 gut health books and create 3 online programs to help teach people who are brand new to the holistic lifestyle of feeling great!.

It’s my honor to share my journey with you.
– Kitty, the Healthy Gut Girl

About Catalina (Kitty) Martone, the Healthy Gut Girl and the creator of The Total Gut Makeover, Author of “The Gut Health Diet for Beginners” & “The 4-Week Gut Health Plan” and host of the podcast, ‘Stuff Your Doctor should Know’. Kitty is a holistic health educator and investigative health journalist.  She has a background as a nutritional consultant and chef, working alongside nutritional giants such as Dr. Robert Marshall and author Donna Gates.

My Method

of working is very simple


Activate the healing response = teach people to get out of the fight or flight mode that we all spend most of our time in, we cannot heal or thrive in this mode and we need to do what it takes to get into the rest and digest mode.


Build immunity = what are you eating that is not serving you, up-regulate healthy digestion and what can you add and subtract to your diet that will help you heal and build your immunity and balance your gut ecology?


Clear the body of toxins, encourage gentle, natural detoxification.