Can you please digest my food for me? Thanks.

In all my years of working with fermentation, its magical qualities never cease to amaze me. Besides the fact that fermenting food increases the nutritional value up to 100 times, the bacteria also consume the difficult to digest properties that make food easier for YOU to digest. In fact, did you know that a newborn baby doesn’t have the digestive capacity to break down mother’s milk without healthy gut bacteria? These bacteria help digest the milk and turn it into short chain fatty acids which not only feed the baby, but also helps to seal the permeable gut that all infants have. This is the magic of these bacteria, and this is why breastfeeding is so incredibly important.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, if you happen to have gut dysbiosis or some ongoing gut issues like bloating and IBS and other digestive distress, fermented foods take out the difficult part of eating! The bacteria has already predigested the food for you

Fermentation, the magic word.

I love fermented foods so much and what they do for the gut, I even changed my name to Healthy Gut Girl, 😉 , so anytime a product or food comes along that someone has created through the magic of fermentation, well, I do back flips.

Genuine Health has some fantastic fermented, gluten free, protein powders and power bars! (There are vegan options and flavors too!) And for those of you who are really familiar with protein powders, you know how common it is for people to experience uncomfortable bloating as a side effect. This is because some ingredients in protein powders are difficult to digest. If someone has gut issues, this makes digestion even more difficult.  Soy, legumes, whey, and grains are just a few foods that can be difficult to digest, so fermenting them is a brilliant way to reduce bloating, thanks to the beneficial bacteria which eat the hard-to-digest ingredients. This is why Genuine Health fermented protein powders work so well and actually enable your body to absorb 40% more protein. Whenever we can ease the burden of digestion it’s a wonderful thing!

Bye Bye Bloat!

Fermented foods are loaded with beneficial bacteria that are intensely interested in cleaning up their new environment –your intestines! They go to work by immediately softening hardened fecal material, attacking toxins, combatting parasites and balancing the acidity/alkalinity of both intestines. This is all good stuff, but it often creates gas and bloating. If you can hang in there with these potential side effects, you may soon notice a happy, healthier digestive tract. But once this ‘detox’ phase has passed, these foods continue to build and increase immunity. With the Genuine Health fermented protein powders, you can balance gut bacteria, absorb 40 percent more protein and avoid uncomfortable bloating)

Thanks, Genuine Health, you’ve made it to my list of favorite products! Click on the photo to learn more.