Nutrition and the health of the human body

is an ever changing field of study. As we all know, one day butter will kill you and the next it’s life changing mana from heaven. One day cholesterol is causing coronaries, they next it’s not the demon we thought it was. And for this reason, anyone in the field of health and nutrition needs to always remain open and malleable. Yes, it’s science, but our technology and ability to observe and understand the truth is flawed because we are human after all. It would be a terrible quality for a health professional to stand on his soap box proclaiming that butter will kill you even after science has revealed that high quality butter has incredible benefits.

A good example of needing to stay open to the constant changing information, is that currently PRObiotics are ‘all the rage’, yet more and more science is showing us that the expensive probiotics we are taking, if they make it passed the stomach at all, end up starving to death because the Western diet is so deficient in the staple food for these probiotics. So they either starve and get eliminated in your waste OR worse case scenario, they begin to munch on the mucosal lining of your intestine! There is even current research coming out that is pointing to some digestive disorders like SIBO worsened or even being caused by having too many beneficial bacteria and not enough PREbiotics to feed them.

As I mentioned earlier, today’s Western diet is very fiber-poor by historical standards. It contains roughly 15 grams of fiber daily. For most of our early history as hunter-gatherers, we were likely eating close to 10 times that amount of fiber each day. This decrease in prebiotic fiber has dramatically changed our Microbiota and could be the main cause of the rise in obesity and at the root of many digestive and immune issues.

A professor of comparative nutrition at the University of Illinois and his team found that simply adding a fiber-enriched snack bar to subjects’ daily diets could swing microbial profiles in a matter of weeks.

But now, with so many people having digestive sensitivity to grains and fibrous foods, fiber snack bars are not on too many menus. It’s a wonderful surprise to find that one of the favorite foods of some of these bacteria can be acquired in ISOThrive! It’s the isolated molecule Malto Isle Olligosachharide which is basically fermented Microfood.

For almost a full month I have been taking this handy, convenient little sweet packet,

which by the way has NO SUGAR, the ingredient is naturally sweet, and I was shocked at the changes. Not just with me but with a few clients who have very sensitive guts. In 3 to 4 weeks we all noticed changes

  1. in our bowel movements, with fuller, more consistent and frequent satisfying trips to the bathroom!
  2. no bloating, which is often the case when adding fiber from resistant starchy foods but not in the case of ISOThrive prebiotic nectar
  3. one client noticed a reduction in sugar cravings! (could this be because the bacteria are being fed???) 
  4. and the clients who had heart burn noticed a reduction in reoccurrence since starting the ISOThrive

There have been ZERO negative or ‘detox’ side effects which I always expect when adding anything new to my diet. Overall I am pretty impressed and I know for certain this microFood is going to continue to be part of my daily routine. It’s also so handy knowing that no matter how busy I may get or if my dietary habits slide into convenient land (that’s a nice way of saying, I’m not eating very well!), I will always have my ISOThrive packets handy. There’s no maintenance with it. It’s simple and that’s what I need, and that’s just what my friendly bacteria ordered too!

For more info on ISOThrive you can link here, I


To learn more about fermented MicroFood and ISOThrive, you can also listen to the co-creator Dr. Peter Swann in my recent podcast and you’ll feel like a veritable expert after hearing his wise words.