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Recommended Products

I am a bit of a purist when it comes to supplements because if you are ingesting these things everyday the last thing you want in your body is fillers, stabilizers and unwanted chemicals. I also want to know that they are going to be effective and absorbable. Just because you put 100 natural ingredients into a supplement does not guarantee that your body will be able to absorb it. So I like to use companies who have done that research and go the extra mile to keep the product pure. *All of the Premier Research Labs products require you to set up a free account before you can purchase, you can do so by clicking on any of the PRL products below. *I am an affiliate for some of these companies and I do make a commision on your purchase, so thank you in advance!

Support Healthy Digestion

My Gut Health Diet For Beginners Book

A 7 day plan to begin to up-regulate healthy digestion by Kitty Martone. 75 easy recipes and meal plans.

The 4 Week Gut Health Plan Book

A more restricted 4 week gut health plan to help begin to heal gut imbalances. 75 recipes and meals plans. Author Kitty Martone.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Instant Pot Cookbook by Dr. Charlie and ME!

Put your Instant Pot to work for your GUT! 75 gut friendly recipes to help support your gut healing journey. By Dr. Charlie and Kitty Martone.

The Total Gut Makeover

Let Kitty Martone help guide you through a 6 week online program to help up-regulate healthy digestion and get into healthy gut habits.

Premier HCL

A daily Basic for healthy digestion and your first defense against pathogens in food and drink. And don’t travel without it!
Coupon Code: ‘ 10%_4G7W57_1l ‘

Premier Digest

Don’t miss a meal without this staple, help break down your food so you can absorb the nutrients! Combine w/HCL 
Coupon Code:  ‘ 10%_4G7W57_1l ‘


H. Pylori? Can’t take HCL? Heal your stomach lining with these tummy herbs. Combine w/ Aloe
Coupon Code:  ‘ 10%_4G7W57_1l ‘


Heal the lining of the stomach, soothe inflammation.
Coupon Code:  ‘ 10%_4G7W57_1l ‘

Spore Based Probiotics & Prebiotics

Regular probiotics don’t make it past stomach acid. Get them where they need to be and combine with a prebiotic fiber for better gut health.

Coupon Code: HGG20


Support energy, immunity, gastrointestinal and joint health and healthy aging. I prefer the powder of this for smoothies.

Coupon Code: HGG10

Leaky Gut Breakthrough

A powerful combination of the four supplements I recommend for ‘leaky gut’

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SIBO Breakthrough

Supports optimal gut health as well as intestinal barrier and immune function.  

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Candida Breakthrough

Creates an inhospitable environment for opportunistic yeast that are out of balance.
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Parasite Breakthrough

Creates an inhospitable environment for parasitic organisms
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Truly custom formulated probiotics based on a complete Gut Microflora Test.            Coupon Code HGG25

Natural Cure Monolaurin

Herpes? Ebv? SIBO? Covid and other viral bugs?Arm yourself against viral and parasitic enemies naturally.
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Ion Gut Health

Soil-derived microbiome support that goes beyond probiotics, seeking not to add, but to defend against toxins, spark cellular connection, and build foundational gut health.

Just Thrive Pet Probiotic

THE BEST spore based probiotic for your dogs. Yeasty ears? Itchy? Stinky breath?
Coupon Code: HGG20

Colon Cleanse

So important to open the detox pathways of the body starting with the colon.
Use Coupon Code WELCOME10

Support Detox 

Liver ND

A powerful herbal blend to support your liver and it’s 500 functions.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 


Help dissolve gallstones, sludge, sediment and support bile flow.

Coupon Code:


Castor Flannel

Certified Organic Cotton Flannel for Castor Packing
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 

Castor Oil

Hexane Free, Non GMO, for exogenous detoxification
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Enema Bucket

A simple kit before you commit to a stainless steel bucket for coffee enemas.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 

Max B-ND

Probiotic Vitamin B Complex
Advanced support for liver, brain, energy and mood health
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 

Medi-Body Pack

Botanical/Clay Pack for targeting scars, old injuries, surgery sites Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 


Provides effective support for optimal kidney health
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 

Shower Filter w/head

Removes 90% or more of free chlorine
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Air HealthMate Jr. HM200

Ideal for Homes & Offices

Removes a Wide Variety of Air Contaminants

Coupon Code

Pure Life Enema Start Up Kit

The complete enema set up. Everything you need to get started!



Itchy, rashy skin? Flare ups after eating? Runny nose? Can’t do fermented foods? Clear histamine from the blood.
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Natural Cure BioFilm

The only way to truly get rid of parasites, candida and other pathogens that have biofilms to protect them, is to first break down the biofilm!
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Heavy Metal Nano -Detox Liquid

Delivers three nutrient-dense greens (chlorella, cilantro, parsley) in fermented form for whole body detox support.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l 

Liver/Gallbladder Detox Guide

A collection of remedies, flushes and list of supplements to help support detoxification at the liver. A healthy hormone MUST.

Berkey Water Filters

The systems are easy to use—no electricity, tools or plumbing needed. Enjoy clean, delicious purified water that retains the healthy minerals your body needs for less than 2 cents per gallon.”

Clear Way Cofactors

One of my favorites!
Designed to support your body’s metal detox pathways, gut barrier integrity, and antioxidant enzyme production.*
Use Kitty10


So important for before, during and after having silver fillings removed! DO NOT HAVE THEM REMOVED without using this product.
Use Coupon Kitty10

Dr. Jill's Mold Detox Protocol

This 30 day protocol supports all 3 phases of detoxification, microbial health, energy production, and electrolyte balance.
Use Coupon Kitty10

Liposomal Glutathione

The bestselling Glutathione with a combination of three products in one.
Use Kitty10

Support Healthy Balanced Hormones

Ona's Natural

Plant Based Estrogen Support.
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WISH for 10% off

Ona's Natural

Plant Based Progesterone Support.
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WISH for 10% off

Ona's Natural

Plant Based Hormone Support Specialty Products.
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WISH for 10% off

Ona's Natural

Plant Based Testosterone Support.
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WISH for 10% off


For estrogen clearance. Specifically to help convert the potentialy dangerous 16-OH to the benefical 2-OH.
Use Coupon Kitty10


A sublingual powerfully absorbable melatonin.
Use Coupon Kitty10


The most absorbable form of CBD products on the market. From sleep aides to pet health.

Gaba + L-Theanine

This mood boosting, yet calming combination of nutrients is one of my favorite products. Calm those adrenals and spark your happy energy.
Use Coupon Kitty10

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail

The famous Root Cause Protocol Adrenal Cocktail recipe in an easy to take supplement form!
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Just Thrive UT123

 One of the most powerful bladder, ureter and urethra support blends. Use for acute issues or maintaining healthy urinary tract function.
Use Coupon code HGG20


Unrelenting stress? Adrenals wiped out? Support adrenal functions and help to gently balance cortisol, high or low.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l


Help to detox toxic estrogens and bring over all balance to male and female hormones.
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Men's performance edge

Saw Palmetto and other herbal hormone support for men.
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Radiant Woman

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Low Libido?
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l


Plant based, cell resonant melatonin. My absolute favorite melatonin on the market.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l


An herbal mix of sleep aides that will help you, fall asleep and stay asleep. Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l

Support Mineral Balance, Heart & Bone Health


Highest quality vitamin E. For healthy circulation, heart, eyes and balanced hormones.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l

Greens Mix

Minimal ingredient greens mix. Highly absorbable, organic and gluten free. Help support mineral balance and boost nutrition.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l

Pink Salt

Combination of healthy salt. Supports digestion, mineral balance.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l

Vitamin D/K2

Because vitamin D absorption can be impacted by diet, lifestyle, age, health, and genetic variation, NanoEmulsified Vitamin D3/K2 was developed to render both fat-soluble vitamins highly absorbable.
Use Coupon Kitty10


Help prevent bone loss with this combination of nutrients.
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Magnesium Brain Boost

A combination of magnesium that helps to support cognition and focus. Great for migraine and tension headache sufferers. 
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Alaskan Cod Liver Oil

Line caught, sustainably fished, high quality cod liver oil. Skin, hair, nails, brain and hormone support. 
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Magnesium Lotion

Another excellent way to work on getting magnesium levels up. Great for sore muscles and painful joints. 
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Absorbable Magnesium

High quality magnesium. Magnesium is needed for muscle & nerve function, protein synthesis, glucose and blood pressure control!
Use Coupon Code Kitty10


 My favorite magnesium for getting a good night’s sleep, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome and overall mineral balance.   
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Root Cause Protocol

  Let JIGSAW simplify the Root Cause Protocol for you. Some experts agree, balance your minerals, cure disease!
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Vitamin K2 + E

Healthy bones, tissue, arteries and soft tissue. Also, painful periods? And overall hormone support. 
Use Coupon Code Kitty10

Just Thrive K2-7

One of the most important forms of vitamin K to support nearly every function the body has! And especially important to help keep calcium in the bones where it belongs, not the arteries! 
Use Coupon Code HGG20

Natural Cure Elderberry

  Support Immunity, fight respiratory infections, soothe coughs and sore throats. 
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Ancient Earth Minerals

Vitality Salts uses the highest quality magnesium chloride from the world’s purest mine which contains over 230% more magnesium than more commonly used Epsom Salt. Use coupon code KITTYMARTONE

Fermentation, Food & More

Four Sigmatic

Delicious healthy coffee substitutes.
 Coupon HGG10


Let Healthy Gut Gril teach you everything you need to know about making gut friendly fermented foods. Fermented veggies, coconut and dairy kefit and more!

Nutritional Flakes

Vegan non-GMO nutritional yeast that is a good source of high quality, bioavailable protein, containing both essential and non-essential amino acid. Non Yeast forming.
Coupon Code:  10%_4G7W57_1l


Drink Tea? Why not make it part of your health routine? Concentrated polyphenols and all-natural probiotics help support the growth of good bacteria essential for gut health.
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Naked Whey Nutrition

Naked Whey is sourced from small California dairy farms. Our cows are grass-fed year-round, and raised without growth hormones like rBGH or rBST.

Sugar Buster Kit

Two specific and very different products can support your body where it needs it the most as you reduce your sugar intake, minimizing or eliminating sugar cravings almost completely.

Kefir Starter

These kefir starter packets will help you to ferment dairy or coconut water.

Culture Starter

Body Ecology’s Veggie Culture Starter helps make tasty cultured vegetables. Cultured vegetables may help take away cravings for sweets, soft drinks, bread, pasta, dairy, fruit and other expansive foods.


My non-alcoholic Champagne that’s good for your gut! Convenient, travel-friendly probiotic power shot & mixer.

Naked Energy Pre-Workout

A vegan pre workout energy powder with no added sugars, fillers, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Pairs great with a post-workout shake using our Whey or Vegan protein powders.


Dutch Test

This test is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites. It also includes the daily, free cortisol pattern, organic acids, melatonin.


A blood spot kit that measures a whole host of hormones in your body. After reviewing the results, your doctor will work with the information from your test, lifestyle, and history to build a roadmap to hormone recovery success — complete with natural hormone solutions delivered to your door.


Request online lab testing near you.