The Total Gut Makeover

Up-regulate digestion, Restore Health!

Core Benefits

Happy Healthy Digestion

The Total Gut Makeover introduces foods that add probiotics to the gut which can restore balanced digestion. There are also foods that help sooth and calm irritable and fussy bellies.

Healthy Elimination

The Total Gut Makeover will guide you through food choices and supplement suggestions that can assist in complete digestion and reducing the transit time of food so elimination is no longer sluggish and foul.

Healthy Skin

The largest organ is THE SKIN! It’s also the largest detox organ. This program will guide you through methods of gently encouraging healthy detoxification which can ultimately result in clean, revitalized, younger looking skin.

Great Breath

As Healthy Gut Girl my biggest goal is to teach people that radiant health begins in the gut. The foods, remedies and lifestyle suggestions in the TGM will help bring balance to your gut and this means healthy gut flora, which ALWAYS results in fresh breath.

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This 6 week course offers

  • List of foods to include & exclude to help regulate digestion
  • List of hidden poisons in your kitchen
  • List of recommended high quality supplements
  • Need to know info on parasites, candida, heavy metals & dental health
  • Educational facts about fermented & cultured foods
  • Cooking guide, shopping list & a meal plan
  • A guided rest & digest breathing technique
  • Fermented veggie, coconut kefir & dairy kefir recipe videos
  • Free access to the TGM close group on Facebook

Other benefits include

  • Normalized pH
  • Restful Sleep
  • Obvious release of toxins
  • Energy
  • Balanced Moods
  • Strong immunity against colds, flus, virus’, even tooth decay
  • Healthy Bones
  • Weight Loss
  • and so much more!!!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Catalina has breadth and depth of knowledge of the body, it’s systems, nutrition, epigenetics and the interconnectedness of everything. She is very straightforward in her approach and doesn’t suggest treatments which aren’t 100% necessary. She guided me to the appropriate supplement sources, and helped me understand and solve specific issues I was challenged with. She is well-suited for people who are quite healthy as well as those suffering from more chronic issues. I regularly ask her questions about my health and she is always prompt and incredible friendly and thorough with her responses. I really enjoy working with Catalina, and recommend all of my friends to her as well.Josh Zabar

Josh Zabar

Kitty (Catalina Martone) helped me piece together parts of the healing journey puzzle that no one else could decipher. I had the same experience Me’shell had with practitioners giving lots of supplements and not much results. Kitty was the first person who was able to explain why my body was in the state it was in. To find a practitioner who will offer up so much of her time on these groups and educate you with her knowledge displays the huge heart she has to see people heal, and when you find a practitioner who wants you to heal as much as you want, results will be had. I am grateful for all the wisdom Kitty has shared and it has helped me tremendously find some balance and peace within.

Lisa Beatty

Catalina is a genius in the realm of personal health, nutrition, wellness and cleansing.  She combines her sweet, sassy sense of humor with her expertise in nutrition to offer her clients a once in a lifetime opportunity for full body well-being.  She is the doctor of the 21st century. She makes the process fun, inspiring and accessible to everyone.  Working with Catalina has changed my life, my health and my sense of humor!
My experience with Catalina continues to deepen my relationship with my body and my well-being making me more available to live the life I truly dream. Get ready to laugh, to play, to learn, to transform and become who you were always meant to be.

Christina Afentoulis

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