Being healthy is a full time job!

I have been on the pursuit of outrageous health for a LONG time. And to be perfectly honest I get so sick of it sometimes. I get sick of my own voice telling people to do things that I know are so hard to do. Like enemas, and liver flushes, and drinking cod liver oil and remembering to take 20 capsules a day. I GET IT. It’s a full time job to stay on top of being healthy. When I first started diligently working on my health, I was much worse before getting better! In fact I was sick on and off for almost 2 whole years. I started to think I had opened Pandora’s box and was never going to find balance again. I was grateful to have my husband’s support because there is no way I could have worked full time while going through those healing crisis’. And now that the wellness industry is a TRILLION dollar industry, it’s just sickening to get online and investigate what ails you. The amount of supplements and superfoods and herbs and remedies and modalities and diets. It’s pure insanity. The paradox is that within all of it, one can find great healing and great relief from what you suffer from. But sifting through it all is a chore for certain and most everything causes detox or is expensive or tastes bad or smells funny or requires discomfort.

So when a product comes along that takes the chore out of being healthy and makes it fun and delicious, I LOSE MY MIND.

Drop and give me 20!

Before I do the big reveal I would also like to chat a bit about something I call ‘drill sergeant mentality’, it’s a great quality to have when you are in pursuit of something like optimum health because it gets you results quickly. BUT not everybody has this quality. Most of us are the super committed type, until you are not. There is nothing worse than starting a ‘diet’ or a health regiment and one week into it you remember your friends 40th birthday party or that girl’s night out that you had planned for ages. And now you feel like a failure because of all the effort you put into pre-making all that quinoa and baked chicken and now you are going to be faced with mini cupcakes and sparkling rose for half a day. So what do you do? Instead of maybe just tasting a cupcake and drinking one drink, you throw in the towel and gorge yourself and decide the healthy wagon will have to wait. Now you’ve put it off for another week and meanwhile the quinoa and chicken is molding in the fridge. I know, I know.

The problem is, there is always going to be a reason to cheat, to splurge, to enjoy life. And that’s how it should be. But the goal is to juggle it all and maintain a healthy life style. I have never been an all or nothing type of person. It’s not realistic for my life. I’ve had mentors who are like, “one piece of bread is one foot in the grave.” Well guess what, NONE of us are making it out of this alive so lets just do some damage control and instead of ignoring reality, lets work with it. BUT hey if you are the type who can quit all of those things that bring you joy and comfort, good for you. But for those of us that struggle with it, here are some ideas.

Implement the 80/20 rule, which would mean that 80% of your food, efforts and thoughts are medicinal and for healing and 20% of your food, efforts and thoughts are to nourish the soul. You can spend 5 out of your 7 days treating food like medicine, attention to stress management and working out and then 2 days out of the week you relax, eat what you want, within reason! (a box of Krispy Cremes is not “within reason”).

If you have a party to go to, eat before you go. And as a gift, take a “healthy” cocktail or mocktail mix that everyone can enjoy. And if you do end up eating a couple of mini cupcakes or some Lay’s chips with old school onion dip (remember how good and wrong that stuff was!) Anyway, I always say, understand what it costs you to eat or drink something naughty and then PAY IT BACK! Drinking alcohol is dehydrating and costs you lots of minerals. So when you get home, have a green drink and take some extra magnesium. Sugar costs you minerals and feeds the bad bacteria in the gut. So drink some coconut kefir and take extra minerals. We can do some damage control instead of giving up on being healthy. We don’t have to get frustrated and throw the baby out with the sparkling rose’ as they say.

Life’s little gifts……

When I saw this product online I couldn’t wait to get my thirsty little hands on it. A drinkable gut loving vinegar made with fermented fruit! Did someone say FERMENTED? That’s a magic word for me. Drinkable vinegars are NOTHING new, in Thailand they have been drinking these specialty vinegars for ages. It helps a full belly and is a great after dinner sipper. My friends at Young Scent have done something magical with their products and though I wouldn’t replace your raw apple cider vinegar daily routine with it, YOU CAN totally incorporate these products into making those naughty 20% times in life healthier and not so detrimental to all your efforts on the pursuit of being healthy. 

Here is something I tried;

Passion Fruit Vinegar Cocktail

  • 3 oz Passionfruit drinking vinegar
  • 15 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 ounces gin or vodka
  • 1/4 ounce honey
  • Muddle the mint and honey together until crushed and wilted, fill glass w/crushed ice
  • Add Passionfruit & gin
  • Garnish: mint leaf

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