Gut & Hormone Rehab Program


A comprehensive look at your gut and hormone status with customized recommendations on how to support metabolism, detox and balance.

Focusing on:

  • Adrenal health and stressors 
  • Regulating digestion 
  • Supporting healthy detoxification pathways of hormones and other toxins 
  • Guidance on bioidentical hormone support if needed 
  • Supplement recommendations customized to your needs to help work towards balance 
  • General dietary and exercise recommendations 
  • This online program includes a thorough review of the DUTCH complete or the Moment Blood Spot diagnostic labs.
  • Bonus! Remedy PDFs (detox remedies, recipes and more)
  • 3 week ongoing email correspondence of Q and A 
  • Discounts on supplements 


If you want a comprehensive interpretation of your DUTCH or Blood spot you must first have those labs purchased and performed separately. **I am no longer selling the labs myself.**

You can purchase The DUTCH complete through Precision Analytical. That cost through them is $399 if you use the coupon provided here: MDW100

It is approximately $40 extra for international shipping PLUS return shipping if you are not in the US or Canada and are over seas.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY FOR ORDERING LAB TESTS IN THE STATES OF NEW YORK, MARYLAND AND RHODE ISLAND. If you live in one of these states, please call at Precision Analytical 503.687. 2050 for more information.

You do not have to have a provider in your country to purchase the DUTCH complete. Your lab results will be emailed directly to you and then you will book the gut and hormone rehab program separately here on this page. 

Here is the link to purchase the DUTCH COMPLETE 

Use coupon code MDW100 for $100 off your test 

DUTCH Complete™ – DUTCH Test

The Moment Blood Spot Lab can be purchased a la carte’ here: I prefer this test –

Comprehensive Female Profile ($249)

Moment Blood Spot Lab

Moment ships to all 50 states but not internationally. They also offer their own guidance from medical doctors if you prefer that route instead of my gut and hormone rehab program.  You can’t go wrong either way in my opinion.  Though subscribing to Moment is more expensive with a monthly fee. 

Once you have received your results from either lab you can book your gut and hormone rehab program here with me.


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Do I have to have a hormone lab to buy this gut and hormone rehab program?

It is not imperative that you have a DUTCH or a Blood Spot lab to purchase my program however if you do not, the customized program will be based on your new client form and symptoms and not curtailed to diagnostic values and is the same price.

Do you interpret any other diagnostic labs?

No. I am happy to look at your other labs but I do not formally interpret them or give nutritional advice based on them.

Does the $275 include any lab kits?

The $275 fee for this gut and hormone rehab program does NOT include any diagnostic labs, it is only the interpretation and recommendations of your existing DUTCH or Blood spot lab.

Do we ever speak live in a zoom or phone consultation for this gut and hormone rehab program?

This gut and hormone rehab program does NOT include a live phone or zoom consult. It is an online correspondence consultation only. You do NOT have a date and time for meeting with me. 

When I purchase my gut and hormone rehab program am have to chose a time and date for a consultation, if we aren’t having a live consult why do I have to do that?

Because this is not a live consultation with me, the date you chose to book is INSIGNIFICANT. You can choose any time or date. It does not matter. My scheduling system requires an appointment date and time in order to send you a new client form to fill out. Once you book a consult with me I will request your lab results and once I receive them you will have your interpretation and program within one week and your 3 weeks of free email correspondence with me will begin.

When does the 3 weeks free email correspondence with you begin?

3 weeks free email correspondence begins on the email date that you receive your finished interpretation and recommendations from me.

Do you take health insurance?

I do NOT take insurance but I believe Moment offers a SuperBill for their lab and I believe both companies can provide itemized receipts for the lab. I can also offer an itemized receipt for my program.

Why don’t you offer refunds?

I do NOT offer refunds once you have received your PDF program and documents from me. I am happy to refund your money if I have not completed the interpretation and recommendations already. These programs take me several hours of studying and investigating as well as producing a program specific to your needs. My fees are fair and extremely reasonable for what I am providing. 

What if I have questions about the testing and processing and shipping of the labs?

Any questions regarding the testing, shipping or processing of the test kits must be directed to Moment or Precision Analytical.

What if I purchased the gut and hormone rehab program and haven’t heard from you?

Please add to your contacts. I cannot be responsible for programs that have been sent to your junk or spam box. If you still can’t find my emails please email privately at

If you aren’t a doctor how can you read diagnostic labs?

You don’t have to be a medical doctor to understand a lab. Though I cannot read all labs, I have had many hours of training using the DUTCH complete over the last 6 years and I have interpreted over 200 labs just in the last year. The blood spot labs are very straightforward and need no extensive training to interpret. 

Why did you stop offering the DUTCH lab yourself?

I found that having that extra step of me placing the order and me having to answer processing, shipping and testing questions was making the process longer and harder for just me to manage. I am also charged for the test by Precision when the results are sent in which means that someone who bought the test from me months ago and only sending in their samples now,  left me vulnerable to price changes. When DUTCH raised their prices, I ended up getting charged for the new prices for clients who had purchased their kits before the prices changed and sent the samples in AFTER the prices went up. 

Why don’t you read other Precision Analytical products like the cycle mapping and DUTCH plus?

I certainly can interpret them however I have not had the extensive training on those products as I have on their flagship test. These tests are some of the most comprehensive labs available for hormone testing and anyone who is interpreting them should know what they are looking at. I feel the same about their other products and without extensive training it would be a disservice to offer interpretation without the training knowledge of that specific lab. 

Why don’t you do live phone consultations any longer?

I have been a health educator for almost 2 decades. Between my podcasting weekly and live consultations, I was losing my voice and exhausted from giving way more than 1 hour per client. In addition I found that most info was not retained and I ended up emailing everything we had spoken of anyway. I also have found it much easier to reference details because they are in our thread of conversation in an email.