I’m 46 and live in New Mexico. I’ve been eating organically for over 25 years, growing my own food as much as possible my entire adult life, and had a 15 plus year career as a professional dancer/instructor and production company owner. I was healthy as a horse and embraced every aspect of life with gusto.

In my late 30’s I began feeling really off and it accelerated on a rapid scale. In 1 year I gained 60lbs, my hair was falling out, I was pale and becoming a shadow. It hurt to get out of bed and stand up -like needles jabbing my feet and ankles. I became depressed and moody. At first I thought it was my heart so my workout regime doubled and I became even more fit but the symptoms did not change.

I broke down after 2-3 years and started seeing a western physician with the idea that, for the first time in my life, I would be open to having ‘tests’ done and that sort of thing. So I did. Besides being informed I did not have cancer (a huge relief, actually) I was told to cut down on soda and fast food -which I never consume nor had for years and years and years. Thyroid issues were brought up but with no explanation what causes them. I got on a synthetic thyroid hormone and anti depressants (I don’t even take aspirin/ibuprofen) just to function. Brushing my teeth was a colossal effort by this point.

Long story short…. per happy incident I talked with Catalina Martone. She then saved my life. And she did it with so much compassion, humor and intelligence!!! Leaps and bounds above any other person I have ever known. Once I completed my questionnaire she called and said “I know exactly whats wrong with you and how to fix it.” And she did. Within 2 weeks of being under her care I was a completely new person. Well, more like, getting back to my old self. Within a few months I was physically and mentally stabilizing to where I could integrate the knowledge and techniques I learned from Catalina on a daily basis and even share them with my family and friends.

She is amazing! And an inspiration to be around. Catalina is also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met -you will laugh and have fun on this road. But mostly her knowledge and experience in holistic health and wellness is extraordinary. She understands the issues that create illness. She is determined to identify these issues with every client and support real change, real true health. I can’t say enough about about my experience with Catalina! Except, definitely the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Julianna Lishius

I started working with Kitty before I decided to conceive. I wanted to work with a woman who was highly tuned into and trained in understanding a woman’s body and deciphering the root causes of various physical issues. I loved working with Kitty. I felt like I had a personal detective figuring on what was present and needed healing in my body.  We worked together for 6 months and I got pregnant very quickly. She was a significant part of my conception journey and I am so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, care, and love. I highly highly recommend her!

Joanne Ameya Cohen

Kitty has been a major blessing in my health conflicted life!! The knowledge Cat shares is thoroughly enlightening and quite literally all the stuff your doctor should tell you. I was referred to Cat due to my hormonal complaints and one simple consultation ended up leading me into a plethora of healthful knowledge that not only left me inspired but also capable of being in charge of my own health. I was given a manageable health plan that included reasonable supplements and the rest is history! 

Jackie Theis

I’m so grateful that I found you and that you’re not some pretentious jerk doctor who’s ego is bigger than life. I know at some point when it sinks in I’m gonna cry my eyes out for days because it’s been 25+ years I’ve had major issues with what has felt like a lifelong curse with no chance of ever getting better. I’ve prayed for you; you saved my life… thank you from the depths of my soul! 

Jalon Johnson

In Gut Health Diet for Beginners, Kitty Martone offers a kinder solution to gut health. With a gentle and easy to follow 7-day transition, simple and delicious recipes, and advice about creating ongoing gut health as your microbiuuome heals, Martone offers a cogent arguement that many health issues begin in the gut, and she provides a comprehensive plan for true health.

Karen Frazier

I feel like I have learned a lifetime’s worth of education from your podcast and your facebook group and your books! Thank you for the work you do! You are helping untold amounts of women in understanding their bodies aren’t something to be hated or fight against, but instead are simply trying to get their attention and be their biggest ally. 

Georgia Wilson

The information you share here and in your podcast, ‘Stuff Your Doctor Should Know’, has been probably THE MOST impactful in my healing journey. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

D. Sheridan

Kitty Martone is a POWERHOUSE in this industry. I am grateful to be a client/patient of hers.

Jeannette Vigeant Speiran

The Estrogen Dominance Support Group on Facebook is GREAT. And I am so grateful to be part of it. I am learning so much as a person with estrogen based aggressive breast cancer. Thank You KITTY.

Yvonne Tribe

I signed up for the DUTCH in home hormone test last time she offered this. My lifestyle has dramatically changed for the better. The biggest help was adjusting my diet and adding in gut friendly supplements. I’m knee deep in the process of healing but Kitty’s encouragement has catapulted me onto a new level of health and confidence that I never had before. If you have been on the fence, I recommend you try the DUTCH! 

Donna Harris

I have never felt any different with all the work I have done and my lab results always either showed no improvement or a worsening of my lab numbers. UNTIL my labs from a a week ago! I promised myself a committed 6 months of following Kitty Martone’s personal nutrition plan for me no matter what happened, because honetly, I expected nothing. At least not THIS soon anyway. Last July my tp anitbodies were 227. Jan was 158. Last week it was 26!!!! I’m amazed! I’m sleeping at night and not falling asleep during the day. I am seeing things budge that have NEVER budged. I have great hope and that is also a 1st.

Kris B.

If you hadn’t started the Estrogen Dominance Support Group on Facebook I would still be convinced there was something wrong with me that needed to be diagnosed under the very flawed medical system. Not one of the doctors I’ve been to about my horomonal issues, PCOS, endometriosis and estrogen dominance has ever heard me and actually sought to help me. I have always had to direct my care and push to have tests etc.. it’s nice to know I’m not crazy and you have helped me feel that. And thank you for introducing me to the DUTCH test, you have probably saved my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Vanessa Mae

Kitty, thank you SO MUCH for this podcast! I have my second appointment with an infertility doctor tomorrow. My husband and I don’t yet know exactly why we’ve been unable to conceive, but I’m so thankful to know that we have one more potential option. It’s incredibly hard for me to be taking the “traditional” infertility route, as I have been so mindful of living a natural life; unfortunately, it hasn’t helped my ability to conceive, so we felt it was time for drastic measures. And, after listening to this episode and learning that I’ll have yet another kick in the infertility pants on my next birthday (number 37), I’m glad that we didn’t wait longer to see a specialist. So, thank you for giving me hope!
Also, when you mentioned quorum sensing I literally started clapping and was like 😍. I was just talking about quorum sensing last week during a job interview, speaking of how one day we might be able to apply that research to humans (ie pheromones and such). I loved hearing you speak about it! You have filled my heart today. ❤
Harper M.

When I was recently sick with a liver infection, probably the single most uncomfortable part of it was a nagging pain in my abdomen that felt like a dagger, which made it nearly impossible to sleep. Enter friend Catalina Martone aka Kitty Martone aka “Healthy Gut Girl.”  This wonderful woman came over to the house and worked on me, pulling out her arsenal of knowledge and magic tricks to relieve me and remove the grimace from my face.  By the morning the pain was completely gone.  I don’t know how she did it, but she definitely left me in awe of her talents, inspiring me to want to share her with others like a beautiful sunset.  So if any of you out there may be having any kind of issue in your gut region, relating to digestion or what have you, I suggest you reach out, because she’s your girl.  Not to mention, she’s easy going and quite witty to boot.  

Marques Wyatt

I will never truly be able to express what Kitty has done for me.  She is a light in the darkness when you don’t know where to turn and you feel like giving up.  Even after I haven’t been her client for 2 years she is still there for me when I have questions or just need some encouragement.  She helped me get over so many fears, and her advice and encouragement allowed me to make progress with my health that I never thought was possible.  She will walk you through everything and she is always compassionate and understanding.  She answered questions and found solutions for things that no one else could.  She is incredibly smart, wise, and knowledgeable and you just always feel like you can trust her.  She also brings humor into the mix and isn’t afraid to share her past and present struggles as well so you don’t feel so alone.  She cares so deeply and it shows.  You just won’t ever find anyone else like her.  She is one in a million and I have been so blessed to have been able to have her as a health coach and learn from her as well as call her a friend. 

Christina Fries

I’m just really in love with this Estrogen Dominance Support Group and all of the good info that I’ve found here. It’s my new obsession. I feel very fortunate to have landed here. I’m starting to see glimmers of improvement after less than a week on progesterone cream.  I’m also working on balancing my minerals, which I now realize is very important. I was really dragging before the coffee enemas, though. The “detox” from the cream was dragging me down with aches and fatigue. Thank you Kitty Martone for giving me hope! I still have a long road ahead, but I feel more confident that I now have better tools in my toolbox.

Sharon L.

I have known Catalina personally and professionally for five years. Within that period of time she has helped me with many different health issues, chronic and temporary. I value her medical knowledge and appreciate her kindness in her evaluations. She is a perfect mixture of nurture and effectiveness. She will bring you to your full health potential and become a dear friend in the process!!


Kitty (Catalina Martone) helped me piece together parts of the healing journey puzzle that no one else could decipher. I had the same experience Me’shell had with practitioners giving lots of supplements and not much results. Kitty was the first person who was able to explain why my body was in the state it was in. To find a practitioner who will offer up so much of her time on these groups and educate you with her knowledge displays the huge heart she has to see people heal, and when you find a practitioner who wants you to heal as much as you want, results will be had. I am grateful for all the wisdom Kitty has shared and it has helped me tremendously find some balance and peace within.  

Lisa Beatty

Catalina has breadth and depth of knowledge of the body, it’s systems, nutrition, epigenetics and the interconnectedness of everything. She is very straightforward in her approach and doesn’t suggest treatments which aren’t 100% necessary. She guided me to the appropriate supplement sources, and helped me understand and solve specific issues I was challenged with. She is well-suited for people who are quite healthy as well as those suffering from more chronic issues. I regularly ask her questions about my health and she is always prompt and incredible friendly and thorough with her responses. I really enjoy working with Catalina, and recommend all of my friends to her as well. 

Josh Zabar

I had just finished listening to a module where Donna Gates was the guest speaker. I looked up the body ecology website. I was so sick and feeling so hopeless with my situation. Then I watched the video testimonials. I saw a young woman named Catalina Martone aka Kitty sharing her struggle and how it enabled her to help very sick disabled children. Because my childhood autoimmune illness left my body severely disabled , her compassion got my attn. I prayed and thought “wow, I’m an adult but Lord I would love to work with her but didn’t know how . At the time I was too sick to figure it all out and seek her out. I had to get immediate help so I set up consult w Donna gates . Then I got a touch stronger then I found body ecology diet support group. Then one day I saw a post and recognized her last name and her picture in a thread and I was like ” No, way, is that the woman and coach I saw in the testimonials?!” I remember telling my mom in joyful tears “this is the woman I showed you last year that I prayed I could see and work with.” Well, sure enough she was exactly who I discerned she was and was so helpful to me in the group. I was confident and determined that I wanted to become her client and the rest is good history ! I saw major improvements in my quality of life just after 2 weeks compared to a 1 1/2yrs of seeing naturopaths that just loaded me up with tons of supplements and little to no change. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but thankful to God that I have a great coach in my corner.

Me’shell Caranza

Have you ever wanted to ask your body directly what is wrong with it? Well I’m here to tell you that Catalina Martone uses a method that does just that. Using kinesiology or muscle testing, Cat can pinpoint with absolute accuracy the parts of you that aren’t working optimally and then find out exactly what is necessary to fix it for good. She doesn’t just put a bandaid on the problem, she finds out what exactly is causing it and then corrects the cause rather than just the symptoms. The great thing about Catalina is that although in that first visit she found enough wrong with me to overwhelm me, she didn’t overwhelm me with requested changes. She understands that most people can’t drop everything and make the lifestyle changes required to heal all the problems she sees. So she looks at priorities. I have been working with Catalina for two months now and at my latest testing session I was pleased to see that most parts of my body were registering as strong and healthy. These supplements, small diet changes and small lifestyle changes were exacting huge change on my body. I could never have done it without Catalina and her knowledge and guidance. Do it, she’ll change your life.


Catalina does a great job of spreading the word of probiotic foods. She truly understands their importance to our well being and with her calm and patient way of teaching she has a gift for inspiring. She will help you gain the confidence you need to bring cultured foods into your life. It’s a must if you want to look and feel your absolute best.

Donna Gates

Catalina is a competent and gifted practitioner. Let her save you hours, maybe years of time trying to figure it all out by yourself. Her sparkling, gentle personality coupled with her expert culinary knowledge will create a one-on-one experience you’ll never forget.

Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN

That proud moment when you open your mail and inside is a book your friend, who also happens to be a client, wrote! If you all want some gut health tips please check out the book. Kitty has been hleping me with my own nutrition this past year and it’s life-changing. Listen to her podcast, read her book, you won’t be dissapointed! 

Kat Tuohy


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