In this fascinating three part series, Healthy Gut Girl with friend and fellow health practitioner; Christina Afentoulis. Both interview the amazing Dr. Sam Chachoua

He recently came to fame as the doctor who treated a very ill Charlie Sheen, of HIV with astounding results that conventional medicine was unable to do. He was featured on the Bill Maher show at the end of January and Charlie Sheen has since gone on the Dr. Oz show and turned his back on this man. The story is nonetheless, an interesting one.

These first two parts are a mind blowing, science filled, inclusive history of his training with cancer research. Along with some very disturbing inside information of the industry in which the public is not privy to hearing. Some of his insight will make you shudder when learn how your best interest is not at the heart of the conventional medical establishment.

This is truly a David and Goliath adventure with a man whose true goal is to help others. One man can truly make a difference.

Show notes:

Dr. Sam Chachoua

Christina Afentoulis

Bill Maher Interview