Last of the three part interview with Dr. Sam Chachoua.

In it, he ends this discussion with more interesting facts and research regarding
cancer and HIV/Aids.
Including the fact that past research and curative solutions have been around for over 20 years but left alone and unrevealed. A fact that Charlie Sheen mentions in a video on Dr. Chachoua’s website.

He then finishes this discussion with the his interaction with Charlie Sheen and what happened behind the scenes with him and Dr. Oz.
You’ll hear about the true motivation behind Charlie Sheen’s decision and actions which made him turn his back on Dr. Chachoua and team up with Dr. Oz. Of which, ultimately began the personal attacks against Dr. Chachoua and his work.

Please visit Dr. Chachoua’s website for additional videos with Charlie Sheen showing the miraculous results he received under the temporary care of Dr. Chachoua.

Dr. Sam’s Website.