In this episode, Healthy Gut Girl and Mark welcome new guest to the podcast, Biochemist, Robert Gellibolian, PhD. With years of research and knowledge under his belt, he schools us on the complex interplay between hormones and nutrition.
He has 15 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of inflammation, cancer, neuro-degenerative disease. Along with being the inventor on five patent applications, 2 of which are issued (USA and worldwide).
He also engages in coaching, education and empowering clients to harness their potential towards thriving health using principles of functional biochemistry and medicine and a combination of diet, lifestyle and natural botanical and herbal supplements.

Be prepared for an earful of helpful information on progesterone, estrogen dominance, testosterone and the relationship between hormones and nutrition. He sheds a light on the complexities of this dynamic relationship with an understanding to what you and I can do to achieve optimal functions of all systems within the body.

Additionally he educates us on a powerful supplement for bone and heart called K2. You’ll love to hear about this one.

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