Breathing properly

is VITAL to so many functions in the body. Follow along as Bryan Mirabella walks us through a quick and amazing technique. AND then sign up at the bottom of this page for the upcoming breathing workshop! It’s so affordable and we can all use this right now.


Bryan Mirabella

is a Human Performance Specialist with over three decades of industry experience and the belief in the simple idea that there is no such thing as overtraining, only under-recovery. He is a life-long athlete and a natural motivator who discovered early on his gift for helping others improve their health and well-being through breath work, nutrition, and WeckMethod principles of movement.

As a collegiate wrestler, professional powerlifter, and strength coach, he has faced multiple soft tissue injuries as well as two herniated discs and a torn biceps tendon. Having overcome these damages, it’s given him the experience and deep inner knowledge of the proper healing process and the understanding of the micro-circulatory system that greatly enhances our ability to recover faster.

Bryan is a certified instructor in WeckMethod, Oxygen Advantage, Restorative Breathing, and Institute of Motion. He leads the youth wrestling program at the New York Athletic Club and has previously spent several years as a wrestling and strength coach for both Hunter College and New York University.




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