alise Xavier, from Atlanta, Georgia, is a wife, mother of six, author, and a fulltime homemaker. She has resided in Chicago, Detroit, California, Kansas, and Zimbabwe. Her experiences in these differing environments have been the catalyst and shapers of her views on natural birth.

Her book, entitled Home Is Where The Birth Is: The Stories of my 6 Homebirths and How You Can Do It Too, is based on her first-hand accounts with homebirth, breastfeeding, midwives, doulas, breech babies, twins, and unassisted labor and delivery.

She has been interviewed on Boss Life Mom, Birthing Outside the Box, Birthing Spotlight, Rhonda Mary Vids, Empowered Black Doula, Homecoming Podcast, The Entheogenic Midwife, Doula Woman, and In Love Birthing.

Talise now uses her birth experience and expertise to help empower other women as a Natural pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Postpartum care advocate. Her missions are to encourage women to birth their way, Re-normalize natural homebirth, and educate women about their pregnancy and birthing options.

On her website she offers homebirth classes, homebirth consultations and her husband has a homebirth class for fathers as well.

Facebook: Talise Homebirth Queen

Instagram: @talisethehomebirthqueen



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