Michael Matucci serves our global community as a transformational guide and filmmaker and lives full on his earth mission to ignite the Truth and empower inspirational people to their highest light, impact, and calling. Seeing a divine mission in a vision, he sold and donated his belongings, stepped away from a Hollywood life, and turned his camera and story telling ability to project voices and embolden change-makers from marginalized populations around the world. During the past few years he has been empowering survivor-leaders that are on the front lines of the movement to shift sex trafficking, and he’s working on various projects to propel their stories and work to the masses.

Michael also is a partner in the quantum healing and transformation company Encompass Life, for which he does personal empowerment sessions and also serves as the Creative Director. Encompass Life’s trainers, teachers and guides are focused on lifting coaches, counselors, healers, managers, and athletes to greater reach, impact, and abundance than what they imagined possible. In their online university they train people to tap into the quantum field of all possibility and spark daily miracles for themselves and their families, as well as their clients and their communities.

Learn more about Michael’s work on MichaelMatucci.com and EncompassLIFE.com.

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