Shaun Frederickson is a San Diego California resident with a love for history, travels, and truth. Traveling from India to Spain and years on the road across America Shaun has gained a unique worldview and belief of individual responsibility. Shaun met his wife Bethany 11 years ago when he followed his heart call on a missions trip. They have 3 kids which they enjoy rock climbing, cycling, and playing at the beach with. While traveling the world, Shaun captured many moments on camera which led him to start his commercial photography business 8 years ago. Through his lens & faith, God has led him on a path empowering Americans to find their voice. He has been leading rally’s, meetings with government leaders, speaking at city and county meetings, and encouraging others to join along. Americans have a unique liberty unmatched around the World, if we’re willing to take the responsibility that comes with freedom we might just save America.


Suggested Reading

Thomas Paine – Common Sense

The Articles of Confederation

Constitution Alive

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