Could ADHD – Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder  actually just be ADHD – ADRENALIN DOMINANCE HORMONE DYSFUNCTION?


Dr. Rose Hollo is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and a Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner. She practices traditional naturopathy. It’s an approach that supports the whole person: mind, body, and soul, using the healing power of nature. It does not diagnose or treat “disease”, but looks for root cause. It balances and supports an individual’s natural ability to heal themselves when the mind and body are brought into balance. In the holistic mental health practice, Deep Roots Wellness, that she co-founded, she consults with both mental health clients and people who are exclusively seeking natural wellness support. Her specialities include chronic illness, ADHD and Autism, and hormone balancing. She sees clients from the ages of 3 to 93 in-office and via Telehealth.

Rose is a mom to two neuro-divergent kids, a homeschooler, a medical freedom activist in the state of Ohio and volunteers for an international program for family and friends of alcoholics. She enjoys spending time with her kids, gardening, reading, and weekend getaways.

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