Estrogen gone wild, growing everything but babies?? Jessica’s gotchu gurl!

“Former PCOS and Hypothyroid sufferer turned hormone nerd. I spent a fair share of the first half of my life on the roller coaster that is hormone imbalances.

From insulin resistance, to recovering from hormonal birth control use, to adrenal “fatigue”, to Hashimoto’s, to severe digestive issues, to horrible periods, to a wrecked metabolism- I’ve been there.

Over 4 years of restrictive diets, expensive functional doctor visits and thousands of dollars of supplements left me only a bit better off then where I started.

I decided to ditch the health and wellness trends and go back to basics, digging into biology, anatomy, endocrinology and nutritional biochemistry. Thousands of hours of education later- I’ve waved my health issues buh-bye. 🙋🏼” -Jessica Ash

Mentioned in the podcast –

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