Georgi Dinkov joins us once again to hash out the political dumpster fire that is our world which naturally leads us to talk about:

  • Seratonin and the industry lies
  • Benadryl, high estrogen/histamine
  • Is there a ‘death hormone’
  • Pregnenalone and why it’s important

Also mentioned in the podcast, Georgi’s new hair/nail hormone analysis:

Just like the mineral analysis in hair/nails we already offer, testing steroids in hair/nails has a number of advantages over blood tests, the most important one of which is that it analyzes steroid levels inside cells (from hair/nails), which is where steroids exert their effects, as opposed to levels in blood, which is used mostly as a transport mechanism and does not represent steroid status inside cells. In addition, testing steroids in hair/nails provides information on levels/exposure over a long period of time (months or even years), which is much more useful than the short-term information (seconds, minutes) blood steroid tests can provide. More information on the advantages of hair/nail steroid testing over blood tests is provided by the links below, and the second link is also a discussion thread where over time people will start posting their results and share information on health status, remediations, and analysis of the results provided by their doctors, and can be used to keep an eye on people’s opinion about the service and how well it is accepted by the medical community.

Also mentioned in the podcast

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