Dr. Scott Resnick first trained in General Surgery, followed by board certification as an OB/GYN where he focused on minimally invasive surgery and the non-surgical management of pain syndromes. He has been a leader in the use of hormone management, using bioidentical hormones exclusively in his practice since 2001.

He completed a fellowship in Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine in 2104 and has been practicing Functional Medicine for more than a decade.

Recently he has been working with a Canadian company, developing AI to refine treatments for mood disorders using Functional thinking and practices.

His personal and professional mission is to democratize medicine, providing opportunities for individuals to turn around their health without drugs when their conventional doctors have failed. He believes that by using a systematic, scientific approach to wellness, and supporting outcomes with computer learning, we can transform medicine from a drug-focused practice to one in which true healing occurs using diet, herbs, hormones, supplementation, and mind-body practices.

You can reach Dr Resnick HERE

www.scottresnickmd.com: This blog site offers a link to my Free E-Book “Think Different: Move Beyond Fatigue by Changing Your Perspective” This is an interesting, simple, and valuable book.

IG: @docscottmd. Short videos and photos of how I eat.

FB Group: Fatigued to Fantastic. Addresses chronic fatigue.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRk1fqdYGXRGNkvi_Kqt5w

www.fatiguetofantastic.com. I am launching a course that is unique in that it guides individuals to decrease fatigue and improve mood using self-assessment modules, basic science education, vetted lab studies, and curated supplementation. Ongoing weekly group meetings with me will provide community and ongoing support. Intake and outcome results will be demonstrated objectively through data collection and over time computer modeling and AI. The course, to include all testing, supplementation, and weekly meetings with the doc, will be $4000. Listeners from your podcast will have the course offered for only $2000 and will have the privilege to be included as “founders” of the prototype course that in time will democratize medicine.