The significant revelation from my comprehensive battery of tests was conducted with the aim of shedding light on and substantiating the often-misunderstood nature of menopause as a condition characterized by low estrogen levels. In a time when many healthcare professionals tend to prescribe estrogen supplements solely based on low blood lab results, sometimes neglecting the importance of progesterone, this development is a potentially positive stride in the right direction. It serves as an opportunity to demonstrate to these practitioners that the key lies in achieving a harmonious balance between both progesterone and estrogen.

The pro-metabolic community does not vilify estrogen. Rather, it emphasizes the vital need to comprehend the potency and risks associated with estrogen when it operates without the counterbalance of progesterone. It’s essential to recognize that unopposed estrogen in various bodily tissues can pose as much of a danger as it does in the context of breasts or the uterus.


This podcast interview featuring Georgi Dinkov aims to provide a technical and educational conversation. It’s important to note that Georgi Dinkov does not provide interpretations for laboratory results. The information presented here is not intended to replace your medical diagnostic tests, nor should it be considered a means to treat, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions, imbalances, or disorders. Both Healthy Gut Girl and Georgi Dinkov strongly advise that you consult with a medical professional for proper guidance regarding your diagnostic laboratory tests.

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