I’ve been taking your progesterone cream and love it! Then I have recently tried your progesterone oil and noticed that it makes me sleep much better and calms down my brain more. It somehow acts differently. (This is 200mg of the cream compared with 25 mg of the oil)

Is there any more information about how the cream and oil work differently?


This comes down to the very complex steroidal pathways that our hormones travel and when our livers break down the progesterone what happens to it.
And depending on which pathway the progesterone travels will determine your side effect.
The Alpha pathway will produce a metabolite called A-pregnendiol which side effects of this metabolite include drowsiness and a sense of calm. Many women, like you and me, favor this pathway and do well with oral progesterone. Which is the less expensive pathway too 😉.
Other women do well with the creams.
It’s all about finding what works for us.
And many variables play into how well we absorb transdermal or oral products.
I hope that helps!
Progesterone supplementation tip: Always make sure you are having a snack with your progesterone, like some cashews or some avocado or sweet potato, progesterone needs fuel for it to transport, absorb and be effective in the body.
Catalina (Kitty) Martone, CEO of Ona’s Natural Inc.

Author, Functional Nutritionist
& Host of the Podcast ‘Stuff Your Doctor Should Know’