This life changing information should be taught to every young girl and every single woman should know this information as well as she knows her own name.

And our guest Melissa Buchan is just the woman to teach it.

Melissa believes that a well-charted menstrual cycle is a powerful daily empowerment practice. Fifteen years in the Fertility Awareness arena, her passion for coaching and advocating for women and couples paved the path to her new program Chart Your Cycle, and online coaching platform empowering women around the world to know their bodies, confidently practice natural birth control, navigate infertility, and advocate for their own restorative reproductive healthcare.

The first Neo Fertility Advisor in the United States and a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach, Melissa uses a coaching framework to help women create a well-charted cycle that serves as a diagnostic tool to investigate the root cause of reproductive and hormonal imbalance issues. She helps her clients build a web of support with clinicians who take a restorative approach to women’s healthcare and she partners with her clients to create a customized plan of action for meaningful lifestyle shifts that optimize health and wellbeing.


You can reach Melissa here


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