“The overuse of antibiotics in farming has been highlighted as one of the biggest emerging threats to human health, spreading resistance to vital drugs and endangering millions of lives.

Antibiotics used on farms can spill over into the surrounding environment, for instance through water run-off and slurry, according to a report from the UN’s environment body, with the potential to create resistance to the drugs across a wide area.”

I think antibiotic resistance is 2nd to untold gut related problems caused by this. If you eat commercially raised animal products, not only are you contributing to this problem BUT this is also contributing to the break down of our microbiomes! Gut dybiosis. You’d rarely need an antibiotic if your microbiome was in harmony. 

My new book, The 4-week Gut Health Meal Plan deals with these serious gut imbalances and how to begin to heal them.

Supporting your local farmers with buying grass fed meats and humanely raised animals is a start. 

Healthy Gut Girl

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