This week I have had 4 clients, (and it’s only Wednesday) who have been prescribed antibiotics for “infections” and the doctor never gave them a diagnosis of what type of infection it was or if they were even prescribed the correct antibiotic! This really infuriates me. How many times have you been to a doctor, been prescribed an antibiotic and it didn’t work? If it’s happened even once, it’s crime, let alone multiple times. YES, antibiotics can save your life, YES, sometimes you have no choice, I know BLAH BLAH BLAH. It doesn’t mean they are THE ANSWER to every single thing that ails us. Every time you take an antibiotic (anti meaning against- biotic meaning life), you not only kill the bad guy in question but you also kill thousands, possibly millions of friendlies. THIS IS NOT OK. This shapes the future of your health. This impairs your immune system and one study showed that multiple courses of antibiotics can literally take years off your life. Doctors need to MAN UP and start making the effort to be more careful. Since this doesn’t seem to be happening, once again, we, the public, have to take it upon ourselves to do the work.

If you find yourself in the very unfortunate position of having an infection and you are at a doctors office.
1. Ask for a diagnosis (“you have an infection” won’t do) What type of infection? Is it cellulitis? What type of pneumonia do I have, is it bacterial is it viral? are you giving me a antibiotic and you don’t even know if it’s a bacterial infection? Is it MRSA? Is it Staph? Is it ring worm? Is it strep?
2. Before prescribing me an antibiotic that will carpet bomb my gut and impair my immunity later on can you please do a “CULTURE AND SENSITIVITY” test so you know that you are giving me the right tool for the job? THANKS DOC. I don’t mind waiting.

When our guts have been compromised by antibiotic usage and a person’s gut has become vulnerable to imbalances like SIBO or inflammatory bowel or histamine issues, or chronic digestive issues, celiac, food intolerances, parasites, and the list goes on, it is extremely difficult to help this person recover. Things that are meant to be nourishing and healing for them, make them worse. And the only answer seems to be more medication. Most doctors need to re-educate themselves on these facts and stop HURTING people. And we need to educate ourselves, and take the responsibility upon ourselves to make better choices.

Take care of your gut, it’s 80% of your immunity. When it’s gone, you’re dead.