[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is literally nothing worse than the tense, distressful, uncomfortable feeling of having to go poo, but you sit there and nothing happens. You feel like you are trying to push Godzilla out of the eye of a needle. The most natural of natural functions feels like a super human effort, reserved for Wonder Women herself. You need to make something happen, but let’s face it – you’re not Wonder Woman – well, not yet at least. So you sit, and nothing happens, except frustration.

Look, I didn’t even mention all the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that you get with being chronically constipated. You are irritated and your brain just feels foggy, almost like you are toxic. You also feel overwhelming fatigue. Everything seems to be really hard and stressful, as if your plate of life is over-full, just like you are. And lest I forget, your belly is bloated as though you’re 5 months pregnant.


After having struggled for half of my life with severe constipation,

and seeing my mother suffer for her entire life with it too (with hormonal problems including the very scary breast cancer because of it) I learned the very best tricks to make it happen. So I’ve started a movement, to help people like my mother and I have awesome bowel movements. In my clinical naturopathic practice, and through personal and professional experience, I’ve found a tool that has become my number one prescription to conquer constipation. This tool is the first thing I have patients do in my practice, and it is the focus of how I’m going to help you overcome this troubling problem that affects 20% of the world population. I am going to focus on it here, today.







What is a Normal Bowel Movement and What is Constipation?


Constipation, for a naturopathic doctor that is wanting to optimize a patient’s health, is defined as going less than once per day, and eliminating less than the length of the forearm, from wrist to elbow. When’s the last time you dropped a log that big?


Not many of you do, so according to this you are constipated!


Constipation – How Come?


Did you know that you are not alone if you are suffering from severe constipation? 14-20% of the world population suffers from chronic constipation, predominantly women1. Yup, poor us! But why do we suffer more than men?


Women, are well, just more complicated… hormonally that is. We have more estrogen and progesterone than men. The levels of these hormones in the body have an impact on how we go. High levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone will make you constipated. Now a days, everyone has a level of estrogen dominance, which is too much estrogen in the body. This happens for various reasons like excess weight or xenoestrogens (artificial mimicking hormones) from plastic products.


Add on to this lifestyle factors, like depression, stress, lack of fiber, inadequate water intake and fat restriction, and you have a recipe for constipation craziness.


What’s the Problem with Being Constipated?


Constipation is a serious problem because not only do you feel uncomfortable and icky, but there is a fundamental physiological problem. Our bodies are meant to take things in, process them, then get rid of what they don’t need. If you only take things in, and nothing comes out, this becomes a huge problem.


Why? Because it means that you are reabsorbing everything that is supposed to come out. If you think about it, that is pretty gross! You basically redirect your poop back into your body… Ugh… No wonder you feel like total sh*t!


The Constipation Fix with Castor Oil Packs


In my journey in the health care world, I’ve been a naturopathic doctor for close to 10 years and in the natural health industry for another 10 before that. I’ve seen lots of fads and trends get left by the wayside, because they were just the ‘flavour of the month’ and when people put them to use, they really didn’t work that well.


There was one thing that I came across, time after time, person after person, doctor after doctor… the infamous castor oil packs! Have you heard of them? So many people know about castor oil because it’s a well known laxative. A tablespoon of castor oil makes everything come out.


But the castor oil pack is different, better. Maybe not as dramatic or fast-acting, but it has so many incredible mechanisms of action that do the most important thing in our body. It balances the foundation of our physiology. There are 5 basic functions in the body that are purposeful, to protect you, and are based on our ancestral automatic function. You know, it’s like the cavewoman within all of us.


I call them the 5 pillars that make us feel great! They are:

  1. Function of the Gut – Digestion, Absorption and Elimination
    You are what you digest, absorb and eliminate. These are vital to our survival. We are meant to intake nutrients, utilize them for fuel in the body and clear out what we don’t need. For many people, at least one of these functions is their weak link.
  2. Antioxidant Status
    Antioxidants are protective molecules that quench free radicals (molecules that do our body harm). We need these or we cannot survive.
  3. Inflammation Regulation
    Some inflammation is purposeful, stimulating your cells to heal and repair. Too much and it is like a raging wildfire in California, damaging everything in sight and affecting the function of how the gut releases
  4. Tension Reduction
    Stress contributes to disease. A stressed gut often has problems being able to go to the bathroom, it simply can’t let go.
  5. Host Microbiome Balance
    An upset microbiome, plagued by bacteria that are less than friendly, can cause havoc in the operations of the gut. Poor microbiome balance disrupts signalling that could otherwise encourage healthy bowel movements.






Castor oil packs give you the ability to bring back the FAITH (the first letter of each of the 5 pillars spells this acronym) back to your body, and most importantly, your gut.


You do not need to be a slave to the toilet anymore, or to the whims of your gut. You can let go today.


Castor oil packs have been shown to be as effective as a conventional laxative, improving satisfaction of complete evacuation2, and eliminating out more mass each time so you can achieve that gold standard, wrist to elbow stool.


Castor oil packs are so strong at making you go that the only time they are not to be used is when you are pregnant, as they stimulate the smooth muscle of not only the intestine, but of the uterus as well3.


The packs are a powerful treatment, but unlike castor oil taken orally (which helps to quickly evacuate the bowels), the pack will reset how your gut ‘goes’ by supporting the foundation.


Your body is a temple. For your temple to be strong and functional, the foundation must be  laid. Castor oil packs do that for you.



How To Do A Castor Oil Pack

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – C.O.P!


COP is the short form for a castor oil pack, so it’s easy to remember.


To get the most benefit out of the castor oil pack treatment, it should be worn for at least one hour every day (the longer, the better!). Best practice is to do the treatment nightly, while you sleep. It takes less than two minutes before bed to prepare it and make it happen.


The other option is the 7 Day Technique. This is where you simply do 7 nights of castor oil packs and 7 nights without. Consistency is key with this practice to get all the awesome benefits and conquer your constipation.



Why Your Castor Oil Should Always Be In Glass


I am constantly educating people on the reasons why you want to dump plastic out of your life, but in no case is it as important as with castor oil. Castor oil is the very best carrier oil that exists. A special note for anyone who uses essential oils, you should be working with castor oil!


Castor oil is so powerful that when packaged in plastic, it pulls all the plastic components in. When you place this on your body, the plastic components such as slip agents used in plastic bottling4 and UV light filters are absorbed5. They’ve been shown to have either hormone, nervous or immune system disrupting/damaging tendencies and may also be carcinogenic.


Please, for your health, choose the best quality organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, extra virgin, glass-bottled castor oil. I’m proud to say this is the Queen of the Thrones™ oil.

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That’s it for now my beautiful community!



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