My favorite part of having a Facebook presence is the constant personal contact I have with so many smart people. They have great questions and I learn so much from everyone. Here is a fantastic question I received on the Healthy Gut Girl fan page that I HAD to share!
Hello lovely gut girl. I have a question grin emoticon
Can you tell me, or point me in the direction where I can read about the difference between biofilm/mucoid plague which we don’t want and is made by parasites, etc (right?), and the film that protects our gut from those nasties. What is that film called, and are they in different spots? If you do one of those colon cleanses that help rid the mucoid plague, do they compromise the other film?

Actually all bacteria and parasites produce a biofilm. You know when you buy plums or grapes and they have a dusty white looking coating on them? Well that is biofilm. And it’s fantastic for us. If you pick a piece of fruit from an organic tree, you shouldn’t even wash it, but rather eat that stuff right up, (unless a bird took a birdie poo on it).
That’s where we were always meant to acquire our good bugs and all that comes with them. The cultured vegetables and other fermented foods help with this. And it’s also good to take inulin or prebioitc like Ecobloom or Galactan because this has the prebiotic ‘food’ for the good bugs and this helps to re-establish the gut terrain and start to create a habitable environment for the good bugs. But once you have those good bugs and they have re-innoculated your gut, they make their own biofilms and their own protection. That’s why I’m such a huge advocate for these AMAZING foods. Not a fan of colon cleanses that do this, the good bugs are what clean your gut for you, so once you’ve re-innoculated your gut with the missing or endangered bugs, they do the cleaning for you.

Here is the link to the Body Ecology website where you can find the product, Ecobloom! Or click on the photo above. Enjoy and let your bugs thrive.

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