Well it’s one of the most well funded and researched commodities in the world so depending on what studies you read you can find the “science” you need to support your theory. But….
Is coffee good for you?

As a practitioner if someone is addicted to caffeine I try and work with it instead of get rid of it all together. But it’s a big player in acidity, cortisol spikes, H. Pylori, gastric distress, mineral imbalance, kidney deficiency and dehydration.

It’s also a stimulant as you know which makes it highly addictive. If you know anything about addiction you know it’s generally not good for you to rely on a mood altering substance to function, you know like cocaine or meth.

Having said that, SOME people do well with coffee and don’t have issues that seem to be driven by it but they are usually not people with hormone and digestive problems.

It’s also in the top 5 most pesticide saturated crops, so major gut impact as well as
xenoestrogen exposure which plays in to estrogen dominance and depression.

PS: it’s also listed as a class C drug for pregnancy to be avoided. 🤔

Does it have benefits, of course. It’s up to you to decide if those benefits outweigh the harm it’s potentially causing.

Here are some red flags that coffee may not be helping you:

Do you:
Wake up in the middle of the night?
Can’t fall asleep?
Wake up with sweaty hands?
Have panic attacks or anxiety?
Have adrenal fatigue?
Gastric distress?
Kidney Stones?
Interstitial cystitis?
Need a coffee to have a 💩?
Have H. Pylori infection?
Tinnitus or vertigo?
Arthritis or joint pain?
Muscle spasms or restless leg syndrome?
Mold issues?
Hormone imbalance?

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