Many of you are probably saying to yourself, BUT I THOUGHT POOR DIGESTION was at the root of all illness. You are correct. They both are. If your gut is not healthy you cannot absorb the nutrients from your food or all of your fancy supplements you are taking, AND your gut cannot function properly without minerals which also equals tissue oxygen. SO they actually walk closely together, And the biggest mistake we make as humans is going after the symptoms AND isolating nutrients. What I mean by this is, all you have to do is google any ailment and you will see some ‘expert’ selling you on the idea that you are deficient in ONE particular nutrient. Be it a mineral or a vitamin or an amino acid or an antioxidant, whatever it may be, they convince you that IT’S THIS ONE thing you lack. It’s easy to fall into that trap and frankly many people have been helped by taking that ONE nutrient. BUT MOST people are not. Because most people are not deficient in ONE nutrient. It’s just the way the body works, if you are low on magnesium, well it has synergistic components that will go out of balance if it’s low or high. Same with Vitamin D, if you are low on Vitamin D, I can guarantee you are low on most of your minerals because without Vitamin D you cannot absorb most minerals. If copper is high, zinc is low! In addition, any blood labs you may have, aren’t entirely accurate in diagnosing certain mineral imbalances like calcium. Because the body will steal calcium from the bones to show a normal level in the blood all the while leaving you in bone loss. Conventional doctors do not even diagnose bone loss until you have lost 25% to 30% of your bone mass. THIS is a bit late in the game and hard to reverse at that point.
So how can we know if we are deficient in minerals?

If you hate eating vegetables, that’s a good indication because that is where we get most of our minerals, GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES, and also 
if you have ANY ailments, ANY imbalances, ANY disorders, ANY diseases, ANY infections, you are deficient. The problem is that by the time those issues show up, it’s been a chronic deficiency over time, and it can take up to one whole year to replace ONE mineral. Re-mineralizing the body can literally take years. Daunting? YES! But this can also answer a lot of your questions when you wonder why you are getting better after several weeks of being on a supplement. It just takes time.
What can we do? YOU KNOW ME! Start with the gut! Start eating foods that are easier on the digestion, start taking HCL and digestive enzymes to help digest what you ARE eating so you can absorb the nutrients. My Total Gut Makeover outlines a whole 6 week plan on how to up-regulate and heal digestion.
And start taking ALL your minerals, not just one, take them in a high quality product like Body Ecology’s Ancient Minerals.
When I began healing my body, it wasn’t unusual for me to take 18 caps of the Ancient Minerals in a day.
Checking your pH after you have been diligently working on your mineral balance for a year, this will tell you how close you are to balance.
A first morning urine pH of 6.4-7.0 is optimum.
MINERALS ARE EVERYTHING, here’s a quick example of their importance;

progesterone and estrogen balance
thyroid & parathyroid health
adrenal health
heavy metal excretion
fight infection
bone health
muscle, ligament and tissue health
nerve conduction
minerals help deliver your other nutrients throughout the body