Here’s some great info on Coffee Enemas. I am a huge fan of using coffee enemas therapeutically to encourage the liver to produce more of it’s wonderful antioxidant, glutathione. People say it’s invasive and extreme and unnatural and dangerous. I say, YOU ARE RIGHT, so is processed food and the SAD diet and alcohol and pharmaceutical medications. Sometimes you must fight fire with fire. Our bodies were never meant to ingest the horrible things we ingest and in my professional and personal opinion, sometimes our bodies need some help.
“The intestine has two circulatory systems attached to it. One system supplies the intestines with blood for maintenance of the intestinal tissues and the other system is called the portal system. It is a critical body system that draws all of the absorbed nutrients from the intestines and sends them directly to the liver.

When you eat food, it does not go directly into the bloodstream. Nutrients are absorbed in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach and small intestine. All the rest of the nutrients go into the portal system and then go to the liver, not the general bloodstream. Here, the nutrients are further processed by the liver before entering the main blood stream.

So when coffee is introduced into the colon, it is absorbed directly into the liver through the colon wall. Coffee has a special affinity for the liver, and moving it there from the colon is very different than sending it to the liver by drinking it. When coffee is ingested by mouth, it is digested mainly by the stomach acids, and most of its herbal medicine properties are destroyed.

Coffee taken by mouth is not good because you are dehydrating your body. For every 8 oz. of coffee that you consume, it takes an additional 32 oz. of high quality water to re-hydrate your body. Plus, coffee is the most heavily sprayed crops and chemically laden tap water is most likely used to make the coffee.”

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