“By channeling calcium away from soft tissues and towards the skeleton, vitamin K2 buffers the potential toxicity of vitamin D.

Humans can obtain small amounts of vitamin K2 by converting K1 from food, but this conversion is limited, and does not meet our intake requirements. Vitamin K2 is found in some foods of animal origin, such as eggs and butter as well as in certain fermented foods, such as cheese and the infamous Japanese fermented soy breakfast food, natto.

But vitamin A and vitamin K2 are two nutrients that are critical for balancing out the effects of vitamin D and making sure the calcium from our diet gets deposited into our bones and not into our arteries.

In someone with kidney stones, vitamin A deficiency, vitamin K2 deficiency, and vitamin D excess are all prime suspects to be considered in terms of both absolute amounts and proportions between the vitamins.”

Even supplements that have & D don’t usually have them in the correct ratio. 360mcg per day of K2-M7 version is ideal.
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Here is a list of foods highest in Vitamin K2:

Natto – 1,100 mcg per serving
Goose Liver – 369 mcg per serving
Hard Cheese – 76 mcg per serving (grass-fed is better)
Soft Cheese – 56 mcg per serving (again, grass-fed is better)
Free Range Egg Yolk – 32 mcg per serving
Conventional Egg Yolk – 15 mcg per serving
Butter from a Grass-Fed Cow – 15 mcg per serving
Chicken Breast or Leg – 9 mcg per serving
Sauerkraut – 4.8 mcg per serving