If you suffer from any digestive, hormonal, autoimmune or inflammatory imbalances, here are 10 things you can do TODAY to start to heal your body:

1. Start your day with a quart of warm lemon water 

2. Start eating organic 

3. Stop eating refined sugar 

4. Take a digestive enzyme with your meals 

5. Cook at home

6. Get 15-20 minutes of moderate exercise daily, like walking

7. Discover breath work for stress management 

8. Take Epsom salt baths or foot soaks for magnesium balancing 

9. Stop taking poor quality probiotics- switch to spore based

10. Eat more PRE-biotics 

Some of these things may seem basic or outdated to many people but you’d be surprised how many clients I see who are so caught up in the “advanced” concepts of healing that are getting nowhere, come to find out, they aren’t consistent with the basics. And others who find these suggestions to be too difficult to incorporate into their busy lives or they are suffering too much to even do 15 minutes of exercise or cook at home or a quart of water is too much. Start somewhere, modify, ask questions like “if I can’t drink lemon what should I do instead”. The fatal mistake is just giving up. Don’t ever lose sight of the basics.

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