Most people think of pregnancy when they hear the word ‘progesterone’, but progesterone is far more important that just the magical hormone that makes the baby “stick”. Without adequate progesterone, we cannot properly produce testosterone, cortisol or estrogen. And without adequate progesterone, estrogen goes unopposed which is the beginning of the hellacious cycle many of us women know as , Estrogen Dominance. Many women don’t realize that you can be estrogen dominant and have very low levels of estrogen. As long as it dominates progesterone at the wrong times, it will wreak havoc on your body. So when your doctors answer to your ongoing suffering is, “your levels are fine”, find a new doctor. One who is not so quick on the draw to dish out estrogen supplements, which have much science supporting it’s cancer causing effects, and one who understands that the ratio of estrogen to progesterone is just as important as your levels. I would also recommend finding a doctor who knows the difference between synthetic potentially cancer causing, blood clot creating Progestin, and all natural Progesterone, which can be acquired over the counter and is a life saver for so many. From helping to shrink fibroids and reducing endometriosis, to alleviating depression, spiking libido and boosting fertility. Studies show of progesterones’ anti-inflammatory affects on traumatic brain injury patients using upwards of 1800mg per day, with zero negative side effects! This is because progesterone doesn’t dangerously collect in the body and doesn’t have to be handled the same way at the liver the way estrogen does. SIDE NOTE: We need healthy balanced estrogen, estrogen is out friend, but Progesterone is our BFF! And as we age and deal with infections and stress, our levels decline rapidly and because it has many other functions, it’s in high demand. Ona’s progesterone cream is my favorite and the favorite for the women in my Estrogen Dominance Support Group which is almost 8000K strong. Join us for more progesterone education. Click on the link below to check out Ona’s.