The 3rd Annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival took place and the guest of honor was Donna Gates and the Body Ecology Diet! And I have been so incredibly fortunate that Donna has taken me on as her demo side kick for these events. It was our first time at an event of this size working together and what a great time we had. It was a great turn out and it’s really exciting to see fermented and cultured foods making an impact on the world to the point that they had to have a festival created just to celebrate them!

Even though the Body Ecology Diet discourages the consumption of most ‘wildly’ fermented foods it was still great exposure for the fermentation world. No place I'd rather be!

No place I’d rather be!


Catalina Stuffs Jars

Catalina Stuffs Jars

The festival showcased both lacto-fermented foods and wildly fermented foods. The difference in these two styles makes a world of difference in your health. Some fungal infections in people can be worsened by wildly fermented foods like wine, beer and even kombucha.

Though they do have some nutritional benefits, it’s best to stick to the lacto-fermented foods like the ones I teach on this site. Cultured Vegetables, Coconut Kefir & Dairy Kefir are best.

From this festival, some wonderful ideas were hatched with Donna and you can be sure you’ll see lots of great things being born on my site and on the Body Ecology site. Without giving away any secrets, you’ll be seeing a lot more of my face!