Photo: Christophe Simon
PEOPLE ask me all the time, “how do you avoid cavities if you don’t use fluoride or drink tap water?” And I always say, well I’ll tell you how I avoid thyroid problems and brain damage and that’s by not taking anything with fluoride!
There are tribes in Africa and other cultures all over the world that don’t even know what a tooth brush is let alone fluoride whitening dentist approved toothpaste and they don’t have fluoridated water but they also have clean diets and this all points to digestion. If there’s one thing I have learned being a health practitioner for this long is that we could all stand to lower our toxic burden. Do you remember the movie the “Incredible Shrinking Woman” with Lily Tomlin? Well I loved it and never thought it was actually a movie that would reflect our world today. You should see it! Its about a woman who is married to an advertising agency guy and she is the first to consume and use all the latest greatest products he works on ads for. Until she starts to shrink and they don’t know why. She ends up in a lab like an animal as they study her and try and figure out the cause. Well low and behold, it’s all the toxic chemicals she’s been ingesting and cleaning with, and breathing in.
Anyway, I started eliminating unnecessary chemicals in my diet and life a long time ago. Especially women, we expose ourselves to SO MUCH CRAP. And fluoride is one of them. I keep focused on my gut health, keep taking my HCL and digestive enzymes. I eat loads of fermented veggies and brush my teeth with aluminum free baking soda & peppermint oil.
Cavities, receding gums, bad breath, plaque build up, all comes from poor digestion and fluoride DOES NOTHING to help. It’s all about the GUT. Once again.