I get asked this a lot, why don’t I like to isolate nutrients when I supplement.  There are two reasons:

1. Studies show that most Americans are nutritionally deficient in almost EVERY nutrient! Most of us don’t eat enough and if we do our food is simply not nutritious enough. Not to mention the food we have now is a shadow of what it once was in regards to nutritional content. 

2. Never would you consume something in nature that consists of one nutrient. All vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients come with cofactors and synergistic partners that help them activate, breakdown and absorb. Nothing in our diet acts alone. 

Having said that, many people benefit from just taking iodine or just taking magnesium but if you’ve been taking isolated, synthetic nutrients for months or years and can’t budge your numbers or nothing is changing, this could be why. 

I prefer non-synthetic supplements from whole food sources like @ancestralsupplements 

A diverse diet dense in nutrition and taking digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics will also help you to breakdown and absorb the nutrition you consume. 🤓 

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