Minerals are needed for virtually every function the body has, from digesting your food to eliminating toxic waste. People ask me what my favorite mineral rich foods are and what supplements are best. I love super food green powders like Vitality super greens from Body Ecology and I drink this in my water all day. I also love taking the ancient minerals as they re concentrated and in food form. Nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies and even high quality rarely cooked animal proteins have minerals. It’s not easy to acquire them but are we absorbing them. And this is where GUT HEALTH is paramount. You must heal your gut, up regulate digestion, re-innoculate your gut with healthy bacteria so you can absorb your nutrients from your food. People ask me about liquid minerals and I’m not a huge fan of ionic minerals and supplements only because it’s not the natural way our bodies would normally uptake minerals. Our bodies want them in food. But I will use ionic liquid minerals to put in reverse osmosis water to structure and hydrate our water more. Without that supplement, reverse osmosis water is not hydrating at all and can actually steal minerals! I believe all nutrients are best in their food form. It’s like taking a probiotic capsule as opposed to eating some cultures veggies. I like to say the probiotic is in its vehicle and the body recognizes it that way. Same with isolating a mineral or a vitamin. Your body would much rather have B12 attached to its animal protein component than a capsule of b12. It will use it if it has to but it’s not it’s preferred way. And it also makes me wonder about people who have malabsorption, would they be better served with a nutrient in its recognizable form or something that will cross the blood brain barrier. I don’t think we can say for sure. Never in nature would you eat something that would just cross the blood brain barrier. That’s why I’m all about healing the gut where true absorption takes place. Does it stop me from taking supplements, of course not. But the body has it’s preference and I like to do my best to provide it with it’s first choices! Just my professional opinion.
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