My clients and friends sometimes think I’m a crazy hippy because I always suggest following the cycles of the moon in order to correlate your personal menses and moods to it. I mean I might have a little hippy in me, but there is some wonderful science behind the moon and our cycles. Even for men, even for animals, for EVERYTHING on this planet. When my father was a police officer he used to dread full moons and midnight shifts. He was convinced the moon made some men monsters.
Here’s the gist; if it weren’t for artificial light women would cycle pretty close together and start their periods on or around the new moon and they would ovulate on or around the full moon. But artificial light and birth control plays with our circadian rhythms and hormone production of melatonin and other important hormones that effect everything about who we are and how we feel. Even electro magnetic frequency from wi fi, microwaves and your remote control play into the disharmony of our hormones.
I have a wonderful Facebook group called Estrogen Dominance Support group for anyone interested. It’s a private group with loads of wonderful women sharing journeys and getting answers. And without fail we collectively complain around the moon cycles. It’s actually a bit of a relief to know that when you are feeling like eating a box of Oreo’s or scratching your own eyes out that it might be the moon on the rise!

Check out the Facebook group, you’ll love it!