Probably the most common question I get is in regards to the high doses of progesterone I tout. I think most of you know me in that way. That I ‘cured’ the last of hormonal imbalances with 800mg of progesterone for almost a year and then another 6 months of 400mg, before finally resting at 50mg, unless I have lots of stress, then I go up to 100mg. (Ona’s) The questions and comments range from, 1. did you have adrenal fatigue 2. how did i know that was safe 3. you’re batshit crazy 4. and so on and so on. I’d like to briefly share with you what my motivation was to go down that road. First of all, I had spent several years trying to heal my health issues and despite my excellent diet, supplementation regiment and lifestyle changes, I still had major remaining ED issues. I was at the end of my rope and miserable with all the damn supplements and diet changes. I wanted to be better so bad that I was willing to try anything other than meds. (i had already tried meds) So when I found the progesterone therapy information, I sank deep into the research hole thanks to the help of the progesterone therapy website links and references, dr. platt, dr. lee, and so much more, and I jumped on the cream with enthusiasm. The ‘therapy’ suggested that as you experience an estrogenic symptom you raise your dose so that your progesterone gets’ “on top” of the estrogen and you reach a saturation point. With many women this can take about 3 months of consistent use, WITHOUT going up and down in dose. I was so tired of my symptoms that I followed this to a tee. So I started at 100mg, and as a symptom would arise I’d go up about 25mg. I was quickly at 800mg around 3 months and thats when the bulk of my symptoms went away. I still had wonky periods so I stayed up that high until they normalized. Which they did. Then I came down to only dosing during my luteal phase. Then I came down in dose 100mg at a time every month. This was just my own intuitive choice. It felt right and I figured if symptoms would pop back up then I would go back up in dose where things were stable. There was no science to show that progesterone made adrenal fatigue worse, there was no science to show that progesterone caused cancer or congested the liver. There was no science to show that you can OD on progesterone. Despite the ongoing internet misinformation. And trust me I looked and drove a lot of people crazy trying to get some answers. Anyway that’s why I support high doses. I was lucky because when crazy symptoms would arise and I wanted to quit thinking it was the cream or I couldn’t handle it, my husband would remind me to stick to the plan. Thank God for him. So will this be your story? I don’t know. Is this the answer for everyone? NOPE. Will you gain weight and lose your hair, I don’t know. There isn’t enough science out there unfortunately to prove any of it. So we are our own experiments. I can say with 100% confidence, it isn’t the progesterone that causes those symptoms. And remember, you can’t leave out the mineral balancing, gut balancing and stress reduction!!! 🙂 Here is some overlooked science that EVERY DOCTOR should know. I read this before I started progesterone therapy which gave me much comfort. Keep in mind this woman was treating women with a minimum dose of 400mg as a suppository.