Every other post on my social media feed is either a cute kitty video or telling me to drink lemon water every morning! What gives! Experts say that it helps alkalize and hydrate the body after sleeping. And that it helps digestion and it mineralizes, la la la. All good things, but the most profound thing that it does, is up-regulates phase 1 liver detox, which for those of you with methylation problems and those of you with estrogen dominance, helping your body to encourage this phase of detox, (which it should be doing twice a day on it’s own), this simple routine can make massive changes in your health. It’s not uncommon to feel nauseous after doing this because of the toxicity liberated into the gut. Many of you know that I am a huge proponent of Liver Flushes and Coffee Enemas to help heal the body of various imbalances but so many people find them to be extreme, scary and many people think it’s BS. Well that’s all good and I understand. The first time someone suggested I put a grande cafe up my back door, I was like, NOPE, but then I saw the light and well now, I’m healthier for it. But I respect those who are still like, “NOPE”. So for those of you that would NEVER. You always have the morning lemon water. It’s effective, it’s cheap, it’s yummy and there’s no fear involved.
For you nerds that want to know more about phase 1 liver detox…check this out.