Why do we need 1/2 our weight in water in ounces daily? 

1. Water carries our nutrients and blood to every single organ and gland including skin. 

2. Each organ needs water and the colon needs the most. To keep your bowels hydrated, moving, clearing out toxic waste. And most of the water you absorb happens in the colon.

3. Your colon needs to be hydrated for nutrient assimilation.

4. Water creates a current in the body that works with the electrolytes to literally keep you charged up.

5. Cells die when dehydrated.

6. Water helps make up all your fluids like lymph fluid which helps to detox your  body.

7. Even mild forms of dehydration effect kidney function. When urine production slows down because of chronic dehydration, everything from kidney stones to kidney disease can ensue. 

8. Your adrenals, which sit on top of your kidneys, will shrivel without enough water triggering adrenal and hormonal issues.

9. Coffee and alcohol drinkers need more water than non-drinkers.

10. When a person dies of thirst they almost always die of organ failure starting with the kidneys.

Yes you can drink too much water but by and large MOST of us are dehydrated. 

Low grade dehydration is at the top of the list of bad health habits.

Want to look 10 years younger? Drink more water. .