Since the beginning of man, we’ve known that humans acquired beneficial bacteria from the foods growing in soil that had high bacterial counts and when man discovered fermentation as a way to preserve foods, the fermentation process increased this bacterial count tremendously, adding to the human beings already diverse microbiome. But a few major changes in our diets over the years have led to a rise in chronic digestive health issues:

1.  Fermenting foods lost popularity because it wasn’t as necessary after the inception of refrigeration
2.  Due to the over farming of agricultural lands, the soil is not as rich in these microbes and nutrients as it used to be so commercial foods tend to be very ‘sterile’ and devoid of these gut loving critters
3.  The refinement of food strips the food of nutrients

Let’s not even touch the subject of all the other things we do to damage our existing microbiome and its inhabitants, namely, antibiotics, antibacterial soaps and other medicines. It’s easy to see how our guts have been greatly challenged gradually over the decades.

Some studies are showing that what is commonly missing in most people today is not so much good bacteria as it is these good bacteria do not have any food! I liken it to buying a hamster and bringing it home to be your loyal pet only to discover you never purchased any food for it. That would be one sad hamster.

We are taking all of these expensive probiotics eating all these delicious probiotic foods and these bacteria get into our guts and have nothing to eat. They are literally starving to death and have no interest in colonizing let alone getting to work on helping your immune system to thrive.


So what can be done to help these good bacteria stick around?

Most of us have already heard of prebiotics which are indigestible fibers found in plant based foods like bananas, chicory, artichokes, onion and garlic. These fibers are actually the staple diet of the bacteria in our guts. Well there is another, very important microFood (aka prebiotic) that most of us haven’t heard of which is bacterially produced microFood. This prebiotic is nothing new! It is a fermented prebiotic produced by the bacteria in fermented foods like Kimchi, Sauerkraut and fermented Sourdough Bread. And because of the same reasons mentioned earlier, our diets have gradually become less and less rich in fermented microFood for our bacteria. And there are certain bacteria that require fermented microFood in order to thrive and make the substances our bodies need to function at optimal health. This microFood is called MIMO or maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides. Our ancestors diet was very rich in fermented microFood. Unless we are fermenting a LOT and ingesting fermented foods in large quantities, 2-3 cups a day, it’s difficult to get enough of this prebiotic to feed the bacteria that thrive on it.

I found one specific product on the market called, ISOThrive PREbiotic Nectar and started testing it on a client and myself and both of us noticed a difference in a matter of a few days. It was a subtle change in bowel movements and frequency. There was a feeling of having a very satisfying elimination if that makes sense. You will know it when you feel it.

The product says it takes about a month or so to really have an impact but I’m pleased to say I felt it sooner.

This MIMO could be the missing component to those suffering from issues like acid reflux, chronic constipation, SIBO and other imbalances that keep SIBO sufferers from being able to even tolerate fermented foods and probiotics. Imagine not having to take probiotics but simply feeding the bacteria you already have!


Before I wrap this up, many of you know that I run the Estrogen Dominance Support Group on Facebook and something that we talk about all the time is the importance of gut health and hormone balance. One of the key factors in the body’s ability to eliminate excess potentially dangerous, cancer causing estrogens is, FIBER! Yes, adequate fiber is crucial in sweeping away these toxins in the bowel. Without adequate fiber the body WILL reabsorb toxins back into the bloodstream leaving your body to, once again, have to deal with those estrogens. This ISOThrive could also be a well needed tool in the fight against estrogen dominance and all the suffering related to this disorder.

I am very excited about my new finding and can’t wait to see how it helps so many of us!

Stay tuned!