So it’s been a few years since I’ve become a nutritionist (a), :-) and I have to say, it isn’t until 6 months ago that I really started to “walk the walk”. Partly due to the fact that I had only scratched the surface of the world of health and wellness. It’s amazing how much education you can acquire, and not really know all that much. Being introduced to Quantum Reflex Analysis was the turning point for me. It’s  modality of practice is profound but not as profound as it’s basic concept of what health and wellness really is.

Basically, we, living breathing organisms, require certain nutrients to thrive. Without them we begin to die.

So add to that, that these nutrients should be pure, unadulterated, unaltered, nutrients.  And armed with an abundance of these nutrients we can walk through life battling illness, environmental insult, stress, and the toll on our bodies will be minimum and we should live to the ripe old age of 256! It’s true. The oldest recorded human being lived to be 256, his name was Li Ching-Yuen. And it was reported that he actually chose to die! Because he simply felt like he had done all he needed to do in his lifetime. I believe this is possible. I think our bodies breaking down and dying on us at 60-70 & 80 years old, is simply our bodies giving up because they’ve been running on insufficient amounts of nutrients for too long, unable to battle illness and the overwhelming toxic load that we are all burdened with.  Can you imagine thriving at 256! Okay all of you nay sayers out there. Lets say Mr. Yeun wasn’t 256, lets say he was only 156……STILL….that’s amazing. And the most amazing thing about THAT is, it’s possible. Living that long isn’t an accident. Did I hear someone say, “genetics”? Well then where are all his 256 year old cousins and relatives?

In my quest for health and wellness, I have come across something so basic, so simple, that it makes me question it everyday. It’s not a new diet, it’s not a new fancy drink from the amazon, it’s not a new corefusionpilates. It’s as basic as dirt, in fact that’s exactly what it is.  While Charlie and I were pursuing this new phase of being well, we decided to start our own garden, so we started a worm com-poster. We have to balance the pH in this com-poster or else it gets unwanted critters if it’s too acidic. The things that make it acidic are the same things that make us acidic. Meat, cooked foods, low oxygen, not enough water. And that’s basically it! And that was my realization. No matter how organic and delicious that chicken curry with lentils and raita is or how delicious a 24 ounce porterhouse steak is, if you throw it into the com-poster, you’re going to have a very stinky box of dirt crawling with everything except earth worms. So why should we expect that our bodies are any different? They aren’t, they are made up from the same things on the periodic table that the soil in the com-poster is  made up of. Everything in that ecosystem needs specific pure nutrients to THRIVE. And that’s the word of the day, THRIVE. Can the com-poster survive without thriving? For a while, until it can no longer sustain a healthy environment for it’s residents and then it will be taken over by pathogens, until it peutrifies and dies.

And in case you haven’t made the correlation, I’ll fill in the blanks. When we feed our bodies cooked foods, which we are physiologically not designed to eat (FACT), and we over consume highly acid foods, and we don’t get enough oxygen through exercise, and we don’t hydrate, we open ourselves up to pathogens, cancerous, viral, fungal, bacterial pathogens and our inner ecosystem slowly becomes uninhabitable and we succumb to age, to cancer, to hypertension, to pain and suffering.

We can live a healthy, active life to the ripe old age of whatever you choose.  But it requires purity and commitment.