Do you have any literature or studies about the benefits of supplementing DHEA or Testosterone?


Hello Paige,

It’s a nice coincidence that you would send this inquiry just after I had a webinar on testosterone and DHEA with Dr. Doreen Satiel.
More research is coming out on DHEA supplementation and that’s the good news,
This link talks about the promising effects of supplemental DHEA on everything from gut health to lupus.
This link is specific to post menopausal women and absorption but absorption varies in every individual but the info is still helpful to know.
Bioidentical DHEA, Estradiol and Progesterone are finally being recognized for the all over wellness hormones that they are.
I hope this is helpful,


Catalina (Kitty) Martone, CEO of Ona’s Natural Inc.

Author, Functional Nutritionist
& Host of the Podcast ‘Stuff Your Doctor Should Know’