If you have anxiety 😦 , progesterone converting to cortisol 🥵 , insulin resistance 🤰🏼 , constipation 💩 , thyroid imbalances, ptsd 😔 emotional trauma 😣, ongoing chronic stress 😱, excess androgens 👩‍🦲 , pcos, low grade infections like dental 🦷 , EBV, herpes, parasites 🐛 metals,
ADRENALS are in trouble!!!!! And NONE of those issues can be corrected or balanced without ADRENAL SUPPORT. 💪🏼
What do the adrenals need?
but the 6 fundamentals are:
*1/2 your weight in water 💦 in ounces daily, if you drink caffeine ☕️ or sweat 😓 a lot you need more!
*the adrenals alone need 1 tsp of high quality sea salt or pink salt daily (add to your water)
*high quality magnesium like glycinate, I use Jigsaw 🧩
*whole food vitamin C like acerola berry or camu camu, I use Boku or adrenal cocktail from Jigsaw 🧩
*high quality b vitamins like premier liquid Max B or the jigsaw combo MagSRT
*at LEAST 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep 💤 per night, that means not waking for any reason

A wholesome organic homemade diverse diet 🥗 🥩 can supply you with these nutrients but if you have any of these imbalances, your diet is probably not doing the trick.

An important thing to note: 🚨
Skipping meals and fasting can be beneficial for many people, but it can also be detrimental to the adrenal health of others. You know who you are, if fasting has messed with your cycles and makes you jittery and grumpy 😤 , it’s a sign that your adrenals don’t like it and you might be a grazer 🐮 . (Upcoming blog on that subject coming soon).