Never has it ever been as important as it is TODAY to understand how to support, feed, nourish, heal your micro biome. You are 90% bacteria and 10% human. THEY RUN THE SHOW! And if you don’t know how to help facilitate the production of that show you suffer, you struggle, you lose. And if your medical doctor doesn’t understand or comprehend the micro biome and recommend probiotics to you, find a doctor who is operating in the 21st century

A Harvard research study showed 73% of acute bronchitis office visits ended in an RX for an antibiotic, GUESS WHAT? Acute Bronchitis is almost ALWAYS a virus. Antibiotics don’t work on virus’s Dr. Dufus! “Do NO Harm” remember that Dr.? Well too late;

In 2016 The World Health Organization put out a statement that Antibiotic Resistance is the NUMBER 1 threat to our global health, food security and world development. That means MEDICAL DOCTORS are abusing their privilege to write prescriptions. And how about this study that came out by the INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE; There were 1.5 Million deaths & permanent injuries due to decimal point error in prescription writing by doctors. I’m not making this stuff up friends. Too many medical doctors asleep at the wheel, busy catering to what insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are wanting and needing and not enough to their precious cargo. I’m OVER IT.

So when I talk passionately about re-establishing your gut terrain, when I pontificate about restoring your gut bacteria, this is why. Because it is our only hope. The bacteria in you and on you make up most of you immune system and if you nourish them and flourish them, you won’t need antibiotics, you won’t need a doctor who is asleep at the wheel. Let the doctors do what they do best, CRISIS AND TRAUMA, not prevention and wellness.  That’s your job.

Let me or ANYONE who knows, show you how to make probiotic foods yourself. Make them part of your daily routine.

I can hear the cries from cyber space now, “I hate sauerkraut, I don’t like the way fermented foods smell, they make me gassy”, it’s time to WOMAN up and find a way to get over it. Did you know that when your gut bacteria are out of balance and your “bad bacteria” are running the show, you will crave what they need and it’s almost always of the simple carb, sweet, bread-like nature. When you force yourself to have sour instead of sweet, you are training your microbes, kind of like the Dog Whisperer, you are the Gut Whisperer. They slowly get the message that the good bacteria need to run the show. And the less you feed the bad guys the less they have energy to run the show.

There are exceptions with certain advanced gut pathogens where cultured and fermented foods need to be consumed in micro dosing amounts to eventually overtake the bad guys. This is called COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION, it means that you slowly add more of the good guys until there are enough of them to crowd out the bad guys. This is a simplified explanation of course because who has time for a biochemistry class right now? No thanks.