How can the country that consumes the most milk and cheese have the highest rates of bone loss diseases and imbalances? 🤔

Because there is a K2 deficiency of epic proportions in this country. 🇺🇸

Why? 🤷🏻‍♀️

We are one of the highest consumers of #glyphosate, the most commonly used pesticide in food and beverages.
We are also at the top of the list of countries who use the most antibiotics.
Not just therapeutically but in our livestock which we then eat and who’s urine gets in to our ground water.

What do glyphosate and antibiotics have in common?

They disrupt gut bacteria and cause gut dysbiosis.

And where is K2 made in our bodies and where does the uptake of K2 happen from our food?
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K2 the mk7 form is necessary to push calcium from our food into our bones so it does not stick around in our arteries and lead to atherosclerosis. Hardening of the arteries.
Which causes heart disease and kills more women than ANY OTHER DISEASE.
Men…you are not far behind that stat.
You say- “Well I take D3 + k2.”
Most combo supplements don’t have the correct ratio of d to k and can not only be futile in supporting bone health but D on its own or in the incorrect ratio can actually accelerate bone loss! 😱😱😱
How to keep up with the info and who to believe!
Well you can trust that I am doing the research or you can do it yourself or both!

I do NOT take vitamin D. SHOCKER!
I take Alaskan cod liver oil from @jigsaw_health which is full of absorbable food form of D, A and healthy fats and @justthrivehealth has a K2-mk7 form which has multiple peer reviewed studies showing it’s efficacy.
Side note: getting your calcium from dairy is so 1980,
There is more calcium in a spinach salad sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds than in a glass of milk. Commercial dairy is pasteurized which means no healthy bacteria left. It is a dead food that they actually had to fortify with vitamins and minerals after killing it with heat. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (just the messenger)
Upgrade your dairy, switch to raw milk, high quality aged cheeses.

K2-mk7 form
Alaskan Cod Oil